At Urban Chic, we are proud to be a leading property staging company with more 5-Star Google Reviews than any other property presentation business nationwide! Our clients love us for our skills, reliability, and the outstanding sales results we help them achieve through our home staging services…and so will you.

Real estate agents across Sydney will tell you that your best friend when selling your home is a professional property stylist. Agents know that the single most important step you can take to sell your home for the highest price possible, and to sell it faster, is to engage a professional home styling company to dress your house for success. This is where staging a property for sale comes into play.


Why Is Staging Property So Important?

Can You DIY?

Have you ever been involved in staging a property for sale? Perhaps not, as you may think that your current “look” is sufficient and you’ve made the most out of your home through the years. You may feel as if you have laid out your furniture properly to take full advantage of the space that you have. Furthermore, you are quite good at colour coordination, so you may be perfectly happy with the way that it looks.

However, you could benefit from the help of a professional who is staging property every day. They will have worked with a wide variety of different properties and will look at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. They will have seen how a prospect reacts to a certain alteration here, a modification there or an entirely different approach to the status quo and they will help to transform your space accordingly. This is the essence of real estate staging.


How Staging Works

Unique Property Staging

When it comes to unique property staging, Urban Chic has a great deal of experience. There is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” approach to property staging and if you want your place to stand out from all the rest on a prospect’s shopping list, then you need to take advantage of our staged property styling services. This is equally as important whether you are selling or intend to rent out.

Staging for Rental Property

Are you staging a house for rent? While the prospect may have a different goal in mind, the ultimate objective is the same. You want them to fall in love with your particular space and imagine how it could look when they move in.

Don’t assume that there is a big difference between somebody who rents and somebody who may buy to own, as they will both be driven by natural human instincts and the desire to live in a place that they can truly call home. Remember, some renters may also choose to rent their furniture and will be even more inspired by your property staging work. They may choose to replicate your work in its entirety when they finally get the keys and move in.


Woman holding a cup of coffee in front of a laptop

Taking the Pressure off

Work with the Best Property Stagers

Remember, if you’re looking for help with staging a house for sale, Sydney may have a service provider or two for you to consider. However, as there is a lot at stake here and you will want to sell or rent your home for the highest possible return, then you need to trust this work to experienced staging companies only.

Is staging a house for sale worth it? Absolutely! The cost of home staging is often offset by the increased sale price of your property. At Urban Chic, we offer comprehensive property presentation services and home staging for sale that are designed to maximize your property’s appeal and value.

Call Urban Chic today on (02) 8959 7789 to book an obligation-free quotation for your property and meet with a member of our friendly professional home staging team. Let us show you how our styling home expertise can transform your property into a buyer’s dream.

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