No More Open Homes Due to Covid 19 Restrictions? No Worries! Urban Chic has you covered with our Amazing new 3D Virtual Tours.

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When presenting your property online, photos and video were the “old norm”.

Now with the banning of open homes due to the Covid 19 crisis, we must turn to new technology in order to get those “heads through the door”.

Luckily the right technology solution has now arrived and is available for you to quickly and easily implement. Urban Chic’s stunning new 3D Virtual Tours will ensure your property can be viewed in detail by an even wider audience than ever before.

Whether you’re a home seller looking for a buyer or a landlord looking for a tenant, our new 3D Virtual Tours can help.

Using the latest in infrared digital photography/scanning we will capture your property in stunning 360 Degree detail and create a dedicated page on the web where your prospective buyers or tenants can explore every area of the property.

We use the very latest camera equipment created by the world renowned Matterport brand.

We encourage you to use our Professional Property Styling in combination with your 3D Tour to ensure your property will shine as bright as can be on the web.

The Virtual tour includes an impressive, interactive 3D floorplan and can also include “smart tags” to draw client’s attention to features and benefits of the property. Clients can even measure spaces directly from the tour interface.

Tours can be completed within 48 hours with the relevant links provided immediately to your marketing agent to compliment their existing campaign live on the internet.

Social Distancing related property viewing problems are now a thing of the past. 

To Book a 3D Virtual Tour

Simply follow the steps below;


  1. Submit a booking using the contact for below.
  2. Wait for Urban Chic to contact you by phone regarding your booking.
  3. We’ll attend your property and create our high end digital scans at a time convenient to you. (pls note we ask that due to social distancing rules the property only be attended by our team during the shoot).
  4. We’ll then deliver the links to your new 3D Virtual Tour ready to go live right away.


Click Here for a Sample Tour


The Cost for your new Urban Chic 3D Virtual Tour will be;

  • 1 Bedroom $250 + GST
  • 2 Bedroom $300 + GST
  • 3 Bedroom $350 + GST
  • 4 Bedroom $400 + GST
  • 5 Bedroom $450 + GST
  • 6+ Bedroom $500 + GST


Your 3D Virtual Tour link will remain live for 90 days. Longer periods are available at extra cost. Please advise Urban Chic if you will require your link to be live for longer than 90 days.