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Property Styling vs Furniture Hire Sydney Style.

When it’s time to put your house on the market for sale, you may wonder what the difference is between ordinary furniture hire Sydney and actual property styling.

Furniture hire is just that. You pick out individual pieces of furniture and place them in the house yourself.

Property styling is the process professional teams use to prepare properties for sale. A property stylist comes into the vacant home, determines what is necessary to make the house irresistible to buyers, then delivers furnishings to create a high level of presentation. From bed frames to window coverings, a property styling team like ours at Urban Chic Property Styling can make your property look as if it were designed for a magazine photo shoot.

Most sellers are stuck with questions about packing, storing, moving, cleaning, and staging, and must somehow make all the components come together as smoothly and effectively as possible. When faced with the problem of making their home look sensational, many home owners attempt to make this transformation themselves by finding furniture for hire and staging the home without a property styling team. This can result in countless problems for you, as homeowner, since the specialists already know precisely what is necessary and how to install it quickly and with artistry. The challenges of staging your own home simply add to the overall stress of preparing to move.

Staging Your Own Home

There is a reason why not many people attempt to sell their own property. The reason is simply that few people are trained to take on the coordination of so many tasks. Sellers are typically not real estate agents themselves. Nevertheless, some attempt to wade right into what can be the most difficult and critically necessary component in selling a home – that is the staging/styling of a house.

House staging involves more than just arranging some furniture. It also means establishing traffic pathways, bringing focus to the room’s positve features while taking the emphasis off the bad ones. It can mean big changes as well as small ones all of which come together to give your home what it takes to attract buyers.

To do this job well calls for at least as much extensive knowledge as real estate agents have gathered over the years. To be a home stylist you must know real estate sales, and you must also have the design and artistic skills to ensure the property styling transformation is absolutely stunning. As if those qualifications were not demanding enough, you must also own and manage an extensive inventory of home furnishings, bedding, décor, wall art, and display pieces so that you can furnish 5 homes in an afternoon in 5 different ways.

At Urban Chic Property Styling we help your property to outshine all the other homes on your block. Sellers should be aware there is a big difference between Property Styling/Staging and run of the mill furniture hire Sydney sellers are busy…very busy. Once the actual decision is made, the problem becomes somehow orchestrating the move and making the sale of your old property as fast and as lucrative as possible. For you to find the time for selling and relocating while maintaining your income and your family is hard.

It’s no wonder that real estate owners so often reach out to home styling professionals when it comes time to sell their property. The very smartest sellers realize that this truckload of tiny details should be done by an expert. Fortunately, there are people who possess all these talents who are just a phone call away.

Ready to De-Stress Your Relocation

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we stand ready to pick up the pieces and get right to work making the sale of your home nearly effortless. We will evaluate your property, and then create a design plan. Then our trucks will arrive at the house with every last detail necessary to properly stage your home and, in a matter of hours, everything will be in place. Your house will look just as prospective buyers want to see it – fully furnished with upscale furniture and plenty of style. From large display pieces to the tiny details of bath towels and vases of fresh flowers, our styling specialists can take the stress and worry off your shoulders, leaving you free to get on with the business of living.

Our stylists will select the perfect furniture that will make your buyers sit up and take notice. You won’t have to find trucks or help to load your houseful of furniture hire Sydney. Our team delivers and installs the furnishings right on schedule. When your house sells, we quickly pick the furniture up and return it to our warehouse with no hassles for you.

The Importance of Variety

Many furniture hire Sydney companies that provide property styling services don’t own their inventory. They merely hire the pieces from someone else. This means that you may or may not get the precise pieces you wanted. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we carefully select, curate, and coordinate our entire inventory. We do this to be sure that your home will look its very best when we’re through. The pieces we buy are chosen specifically to create the mood your buyer is looking for. Not just any furniture will work. It must be stylish and in step with today’s buyers.

Without careful coordination from room to room, your house can look thrown together and not cohesive. This can make buyers feel uncomfortable. They are looking for a ‘move-in-ready’ feel.

In addition to the room to room furniture pieces you’ll need, we also stock a full variety of incidental pieces from lamps and tables, to exquisite wall art. When we’re finished, your home will have the look of artistry and the feeling that everything fits together. We leave no part of your home without carefully chosen accessories and the result is magical.

Professionalism – A Benefit of its Own

When you’re dealing with professionals, other worries evaporate. When you know that the company delivering your furniture has a reputation for excellence, you don’t have to worry about careless handling or damaged merchandise. Your furniture hire Sydney will come to you in perfect condition – no damage will come to it in transit. It will be perfectly clean, and in show-room condition, so you won’t have to spend time logging scratches and dings to protect your deposit as you might with other companies.

Furthermore, you have our promise that your property will not be damaged during installation or removal. We take great pride in the quality of our merchandise and our service. That’s just part of the way we make your home styling experience an excellent one.

When our stylists leave your property, we know that it is in perfect condition and ready to steal the hearts of buyers. One look at the results and you will know this too. There are huge benefits to dealing with reputable professionals.

The Final Layer of Perfection

When you put your property into the capable hands of Urban Chic Property Styling, you can put your stress aside. We are a company with years of experience both in design and real estate sales. Not only do we understand the real estate market, we take the time to know everything there is to know about the buyers who will be looking at your house. Our knowledge of the real estate industry comes with years of experience, and a dedication to watching and implementing new trends.

We not only know what colors they like best, we understand what styles in furniture hire Sydney they are drawn to. In our service to you, we provide you with the edge that makes the difference between a quick sale and a house that sits on the market for months without an offer. We know our business, so you can trust us with yours.

The Cost of Satisfaction

Our satisfied clients tell us that our valuable services are well worth the cost. When you consider the possible pitfalls of attempting to stage or style your house by yourself, you can see that there are many compelling reasons to bring in the professionals when it’s time to sell your house.

Not only do we take care to provide the best and most stylish furniture and accessories, we know precisely how to use it to make your house dazzle prospective buyers. Our wide selection of furniture pieces and décor means that your home will look like a rock star – carefully coordinated and positively perfect from colour palate to textures. It is this attention to the tiny details of staging furniture that translates into quick and profitable sales. The unfortunate opposite can be true as well.

Doing the work without the pros can sometimes mean a much lower selling price. When houses don’t sell, when furniture hire Sydney looks cheap or shoddy, or when your walls, floors and ceilings are scratched and gouged by careless movers it can mean a big price tag you hadn’t planned on.

Our customers tell us that their investment in professional property styling versus doing it themselves turned out to be a huge advantage. The cost to use our full styling services including furniture hire Sydney or any of our other styling packages is far less than you might imagine. What’s more, the cost of our services is small compared to the headaches and frustration that can come from self-styling. Call us today.

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