Terms And Rental Agreement

Agreement between Urban Chic Property Styling Pty Ltd ABN 5616 805 4240 herein referred to as “Urban Chic” and the owner of the property where the hired rental furnishings shall be kept herein known as “the Renter”.

The Items provided by Urban Chic to the Renter includes all hard and soft furnishings and decor items both listed in the property inventory prepared by Urban Chic and also extra items supplied and not listed in the inventory. These items shall be referred to as “The Furnishings”.

The address where The Furnishings will be delivered to and displayed shall be referred to as “The Property.”

General Terms

The Renter hereby acknowledges they have been provided with the opportunity to review this agreement prior to delivery of the Furnishings.

The Renter hereby acknowledges that once the invoice has been paid either in part or in full, or the Furnishings have been delivered to the property (in part or in full) the Renter hereby unconditionally accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Confirmation of payment in full is required to be sent by the Renter to Urban Chic no later than 5 business days prior to scheduled installation date.

Rebates are not available for properties sold or withdrawn prior to the end of the hire period.

Urban Chic Reserves the right to collect furnishings at any time prior to the expiry of the agreed rental period if the property is sold (i.e. contracts unconditionally exchanged) prior to expiry of agreement period.

If a quoted item is unavailable an appropriate replacement item shall be supplied by Urban Chic. No discount will be provided for this.

Any requested changes by the renter to allocated stock items will incur an additional cost to be calculated by Urban Chic.

If Urban Chic is required to return to the property to replace an item then transportation and time charges shall apply. These charges shall be calculated by Urban Chic and will be due to be paid by the renter immediately upon receipt by the renter of a tax invoice via email or other delivery means.

The quotation/invoice includes an amount for furniture insurance. Should the Renter not wish to take up this insurance, this quote/invoice shall be reduced by the cost of the insurance and the Renter hereby agrees to pay to Urban Chic the full replacement cost of any supplied item lost, stolen or damaged during the hire or extension period immediately on receipt of a tax invoice from Urban Chic.

Payment by the Renter of the Furniture Insurance component of the quotation/invoice is deemed to be an unconditional acceptance of the Furniture Insurance Agreement (copy of agreement available on request).

The Urban Chic ‘Furniture Insurance Agreement’ forms part of the terms and condition of rental. A copy of this agreement can be requested from Urban Chic at any time.

Quotes are valid for 14 days.

Cancellation/Postponement Policy

Once the payment or payment confirmation has been received by Urban Chic, or the Styling date and time has been confirmed, the job Is considered ‘fully confirmed’ and the following cancellation/postponement fees shall apply:

$550 (including GST) if cancelled/postponed less than 7 days prior to scheduled delivery.

$550 plus one week’s rental if cancelled/postponed less than 72 hours prior to scheduled delivery.

100% of total quote/invoice (i.e. no refund) if cancelled/postponed after midday (12pm) on the day prior to the installation date or on the day of installation.

Delivery Policy

The Renter shall provide clear access to the property for delivery/collection of furnishings at any reasonable time requested by Urban Chic. If access cannot be provided at agreed times the renter shall pay additional fees for re-delivery/transport/labour as calculated by Urban Chic. If the property has a lift and the lift is not operational at the time of the delivery, Urban Chic shall return the furnishings to the warehouse and an alternative time/date which is acceptable to both Urban Chic and the renter shall be booked. Additional delivery fees shall apply to be calculated by Urban Chic.

Urban Chic can only provide an estimated delivery window for installation and pick up.

We strongly advise against photography being booked same day as installation in case of delays. Delays occur from time to time due to a number of reasons and are sometimes unavoidable. If the Styling installation is delayed for any reason (including the fault of Urban Chic), Urban Chic will not provide compensation for the delay pay or reimburse photography fees for booked photography that is unable to go ahead or cannot be carried out due to the installation delay. This includes if items require replacing or swapping out.

If we arrive at the property and are unable to carry out the installation immediately due to access issues, a delay fee of $550 shall be payable immediately.

Hanging of Mirrors/Artworks

If art or mirrors are to be used for Styling, we will need to create/drill holes and insert hooks/fasteners in the internal walls of the property. These holes/hooks/fasteners shall be left in place by Urban Chic upon furniture removal.

Hire Extensions

It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to advise Urban Chic via phone or text to 0418 166 186 or email 3 business days prior if the Renter requires the furnishings to be collected at the expiration of the agreed rental period (typical hire period is 6 weeks from date of installation). If Urban Chic is not advised regarding collection on or before this date the owner hereby agrees to an automatic extension period being applied on a weekly basis with the extension ‘base rate’ being immediately due and payable. Extension base rates are calculated using a simple formula of the furniture rental component of the quote/invoice including GST divided by the 4 paid weeks of the original invoice. Extension periods shall be billed either weekly, fortnightly or otherwise at the discretion of Urban Chic. Discounts to this base rate may be applied at the sole discretion of Urban Chic and will depend on demand for stock at the time.

Extensions shall be applied and invoiced in blocks of 7 days and cannot be pro rata. i.e. if only 4 days are used, 7 days will be charged. Weekends are included as standard days.

Transferring the Furnishings to Another Property

Urban Chic expressly forbids the Renter to move or arrange to have moved, the Furnishings to another property or location, even if that location is in the same building, duplex, complex of townhouses or villas or similar. Urban Chic can be engaged to transfer furnishings for a fee to be calculated by Urban Chic. If the Furnishings are transferred, a new hire period shall apply and a new invoice shall be provided.

Moving Personal Items

If employees of Urban Chic are asked to move the client’s personal furnishings or belongings, Urban Chic accepts no responsibility for any damage to property that occurs as a result of this. Additional moving charges usually also apply.

Property of Urban Chic

All items supplied by Urban Chic shall remain the property of Urban Chic for the purpose of display only and the renter shall not use, sell, assign, sub-rent, move or remove the items without the written consent of Urban Chic.

Right of Entry on Termination

In the event of this agreement being terminated, Urban Chic reserves the right to enter the property where items are located and remove all rented furnishings that are the property of Urban Chic with or without the expressed consent of the renter. Consent of the renter to enter the property cannot be withheld for any reason. If access is restricted due to locks on doors with no key provided, the renter hereby grants permission for Urban Chic to gain access by way of a locksmith, the costs of which shall be borne by the renter. The Renter acknowledges that any attempt to prevent Urban Chic from recovery of the Furnishings is a form of theft and shall be dealt with by the Police or other legal means.

Payment of Monies

The renter shall pay promptly in advance all monies owing under this agreement including furniture hire extensions. Monies shall be paid via electronic funds transfer into the Urban Chic business account number provided on the quotation/invoice.

Default of Payment

If any monies due to Urban Chic remain unpaid the renter agrees to pay interest on the outstanding balance at a rate of 12% per annum calculated daily until all outstanding monies have been received by Urban Chic.

If the renter is in default of payment for more than 7 consecutive days, Urban Chic shall seek recovery of the debt by any lawful means necessary and the renter agrees to pay to Urban Chic all associated costs of this recovery.

If any amount is owing at any time during or after the rental period, the renter agrees to allow Urban Chic to debit any credit card number held on file/provided by the renter.

The granting of extra time or any indulgence of Urban Chic shall not effect the liability of the renter with regard to sums owed or dates actually due.

Assignment of Agreement

Urban Chic reserves the right to assign this rental agreement with the renter to another person or entity at any time without being required to notify the renter of such assignment.


Any bond held by Urban Chic during the rental period and will be returned within 14 days of collection of the furnishings if the furnishings are returned in same condition as when initially rented. Any damage to or loss of the Furnishings will result in the renter forfeiting the bond to Urban Chic up to the full replacement cost of the damaged or lost items.

Occupation of the Property During the Hire Period

It is the responsibility of the Renter to advise Urban Chic if the Property shall be or is occupied by any person and or domestic pet (animal) during any portion of the rental period. Urban Chic may refuse to provide the Furnishings for any property that is occupied or may charge a bond to the Renter the amount of which will be at the discretion of Urban Chic.

Furniture Package Purchases

Furniture package purchases are considered confirmed once Urban Chic has received any deposit or payment from the client. Once a furniture package purchase is confirmed the full amount of the furniture package invoice/invoices is due and payable by the due date which will be advised in writing by Urban Chic. As Urban Chic must make non-refundable purchases in order to complete a furniture package job, all furniture package sales are final and non-refundable. If an item is found to be faulty or defective or broken, Urban Chic shall replace the item/s with an identical or similar item free of charge. Clear and safe access for delivery and installation must be provided by the client on the agreed delivery date. If clear and safe access is not provided, Urban Chic will return at a later agreed date and redelivery charges shall apply.


The renter/purchaser hereby irrefutably acknowledges that all items supplied by Urban Chic are for the purpose of display only (regardless if the client is occupying the property during the rental period) and hereby indemnifies Urban Chic for any claim for loss, damage, bodily injury or death of any person due to connected in any way to the rental/sale including but not limited to any use, fault, malfunction or pre-existing damage relating to the rented/sold items.


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