Partial Property Styling Sydney

Partial Property Styling Sydney

Urban Chic’s Partial Property Styling Service utilises your existing furniture combined with select pieces from our range in order to improve the look and feel of your property for sale.

For those on a tight budget or those with several appropriate furniture pieces already in place, Partial Property Styling can be a great solution.

Our Senior Stylists will attend to check measure your property and view the existing pieces. We will use our creative design skills to select the most complimentary hard and soft furnshings, decor and artwork from our range then install these items & Professionally Style the property to give it the ‘wow factor’.

A small investment in Partial Property Styling can heavily influence the emotional impact of your property to potential buyers and result in a much higher sale price.

Please note that partial Styling starts from our minimum charge of $2,200 including GST and will vary depending on the amount of furnishings required, the style, location of and access to the property.

Urban Chic Property Styling is Sydney’s most positively reviewed Property Styling company.

Contact Urban Chic for more information on 02 8959 7789 or 0418 166 186 today!

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