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If you are getting ready to sell your home and move on to pastures new then you will, of course, want to get as much value as possible from the sale. In order to do so, you will need to ensure that you “wow” your prospects as soon as they walk through the front door and so that you build on your property’s kerb appeal.


Home Staging Focus

Most real estate agents agree that it’s best to stage the property correctly before it is shown, so that it looks its best and provides inspiration for the viewer. This means that you need to put some effort into its appearance before you advertise it on the open market.

Yet while you love your current space and have injected a lot of tender, loving care into it over the years, you don’t feel as if it hits the mark and would certainly benefit from some outside help. In this case, you need to talk with a home stylist to start the ball rolling.


Crafting Your Home’s Style

When you bring a stylist home, they will look at your existing furniture, fittings, colour scheme and decor and give you some ideas for improvement. A house stylist like this has a great deal of experience in their field, has helped to transform many a property such as yours and knows what will motivate a potential buyer. Consider them your personal home stylist and take full advantage of their expertise, to help you make as much money as possible when you exit.


Home Stylist Assessment

The home stylist will begin with an assessment of what you already have and will help you to rearrange or reassess before thinking about buying anything additional.


Focusing on the Unusual

For example, they will zero in on a unique object and help you to make more of its impact. Something unusual, no matter how small, can often be a talking point and can add to the authenticity of the space.


Adding Colour or Depth

They may be able to make your living room more “lived in” or colourful, simply by adding some snazzy throws, pillows or other accents. This may bring life into an otherwise dull space, quite easily.


Being Authentic

They may suggest that you continue that “lived in” look to your bedroom and stage your bed so that it looks inviting and comfortable, but real at the same time. Remember, you are trying to portray a house that is welcoming, practical and usable rather than being simply a showroom of some kind.


Let There Be Light

You should also take full advantage of natural light, as this will certainly help you to create character within your home. You may be staging the property at certain times of the day so your stylist will assess the natural light and shadows at that particular time and play with furnishings, surfaces and other materials to create the best look.


Extra Elements

It may be necessary to buy in some additional elements to create another layer or two of inspirations. Some of your walls may be a little empty and would benefit from a piece of framed art here or there. When you do so, you can create a theme for that room quite simply and with relatively little expense and you can then extend that theme with other small-scale pieces, decorations or furnishings.


Working with Colour

You can also transform a room by adding a new coat of paint or changing the colour scheme altogether. Once this has been done, you can then tailor the trimmings to match up, and once again revolutionise the space.


Home Stylist Sydney

If you’re looking for a house stylist, Sydney is well served by Urban Chic. An experienced in house stylist will analyse your property and discuss the next moves with you in detail. These consultations are typically charged on a time basis and we will be delighted to discuss your current needs with you as soon as possible.


What Does an Interior Stylist Do?

An interior stylist helps to look at the configuration of a home and provide advice to the owner, to help them present their property as successfully as possible. They will look at the current furniture, fittings, paint scheme and decor in order to maximise its appeal in the eyes of a potential purchaser. They may be able to rearrange the current layout and provide some strategic advice that will revolutionise the look and feel of the property and help the owner to sell it. They may recommend that the owner brings in some additional elements to give them that extra advantage when they open the doors to a prospect.


What Is the Work of an Interior Decorator?

Interior decorators can help a homeowner to achieve the perfect look for their property by rearranging furniture, staging accessories, adding paint, fabrics or other solutions. They will actually carry out the work to put all of this advice into practice, so that your property is ready when you put it onto the market. If you feel the need to repaint a room with a vaulted ceiling, then the interior decorator will do this for you, or if heavy furniture needs to be moved to transform the functionality of a room, then they will help to do this as well.

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