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In most of Australia, the market for houses has grown increasingly competitive. Those who need to sell a home for any reason should leverage every opportunity to gain an advantage over other sellers.

When most think of making a home more attractive for sale, they look into renovating key rooms to update the look of the property style, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Others look at redoing the exterior landscaping to increase “curb appeal.” Some even go to the extreme of building additions to the house to boost values.

All of these measures potentially cost a great deal of money and carry a great risk of not bringing a great return on investment. Those selling their homes, yet looking for an edge in styling to sell their home, should explore lower cost solutions.

Property styling provides one way in which the investment of a relatively small amount of money can pay big dividends in the final sale price.

What Is Property and Home Styling?
Property styling, also called home staging and property staging in other countries, serves as a more cost effective way to make a house for sale more appealing to buyers. A house stylist uses the existing home as a colour palette, and the colour scheme around this. In most cases, existing furnishings are removed from the home and the Stylist works to create an updated look using rented furniture, artwork, rugs, and decor to refresh the look and make it more appealing for buyers.

In some cases, the sellers have several useful pieces of furniture already. If so, the main goal of a house stylist is ‘partial Styling’ to create the proper effect and will hire furniture for the house saletar to make up the pieces not supplied by the vendor.

The objective here is to make the house look as welcoming as possible for the target buyers.

What Are the Benefits of House Staging?
Styles change all the time and buyers of mid to upper range homes generally have a sense of the latest trends. Home staging services are provided by a design specialist who understands the latest fashions in home design, as well as the needs and motivations of the target market. By applying this knowledge to your property, stylists can help you to get the best results from your sale.

House styling also ensures that buyers do not have to view a bare and empty home. Some may argue that empty spaces allow buyers to imagine what could be. Conversely, many agree that the suggestiveness provided by skilled property styling in the Sydney market and elsewhere help buyers better imagine themselves in the home.

Staging a house for sale gives the house the best look possible, making buyers more likely to make higher offers.

What is the Difference Between Home Styling and Interior Design?
While staging property to sell and interior design both entail decorating a house, the two services have different ends in mind. Interior designers take an individual or a household’s ideas and vision to create a style that matches their personal preference. Unfortunately, when many go to sell a house, they assume that their own particular tastes in style will make the house more appealing to buyers.

Interior design puts the personality of the owner into the home, including personal touches such as family photos, collectables, and other elements. Home stylists achieve the opposite effect. They do not want potential buyers feeling like they have come into someone else’s personal space. While they seek to achieve a home style effect, they also strive for a neutral look that could either appeal to anyone or to the most likely type of purchaser.

More often than not, however, the owner’s tastes do not create the design that will best sell a house. The most successful methods of styling to sell a home reflect the fact that home selling is a business transaction. Companies that perform property styling services in the Sydney market, especially understand that styling must reflect buyer preferences rather than seller tastes.

How Should a Home Be Staged for Sale?
Home staging and property styling works to achieve the best price possible at sale. No set formula exists for styling. Property staging ideas and plans must reflect a number of factors, including:

  • Target demographics based upon dominant trends for the state, city, and, in terms of home staging in Sydney or another large city, the neighbourhood
  • The internal and external style and architecture of the house
  • Whether it is an apartment or a house

Targeted demographics represent one of the biggest challenges for home styling services, even more so for DIYers. Different areas appeal to different types of people with varying ideas on what makes a space attractive & welcoming. Rural areas may need a more traditional property styling package, adjusted for other demographics factors depending on the area, while high-end urban spaces usually have a more modern look.

Those performing house styling services usually work hard to keep up with the designs and trends that are best helping to sell houses in each area, also recognising that those change from time to time.

Should a Property Owner Stage a Rental Property?
Rental properties can also benefit from the services of property stylists as houses for sale, although the purpose of styling is somewhat different. House stylists seek to achieve the highest possible sale price for the seller.

Apartments and rental homes advertise their prices, so property styling will not help landlords get higher rents. What they can do is to help owners of mid range and high end rentals in competitive markets make what they offer more attractive to potential tenants, increasing the likelihood of occupancy.

Other factors remain important for rentals, including target demographics and rate of return on styling investment.

How Much Does the Service Cost?
The cost of home styling in Sydney varies greatly depending on the inventory and level of furnishings required.

What Styles Currently Dominate the Market?
Until recently, the dominant design reflected a “less is more” mentality. Recently, however, styles follow a trend of having more fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. For some types of people, warmer and brighter colours dominate, while others prefer stark grey, black and white contrasts with small amounts of bright colour.

Local knowledge and insight is also important. Property stylists must keep up with styles and trends while keeping their finger on the pulse of the local market. The team at Urban Chic take pride in our up to date knowledge on trends and furnishings.

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