Property Styling

Real estate is a world where different vibrant elements, both tangible and intangible, matter. It’s where properties vie for the attention of discerning buyers, one factor often stands out as a game-changer: property styling. More than just arranging furniture or choosing paint colours, property styling is a nuanced craft that can significantly elevate a property’s appeal.

Property styling, at its core, is the art of presenting a property in its best possible light. It’s a specialised discipline that goes beyond mere decoration, delving deep into design principles, buyer psychology, and market trends. Over the years, as the real estate market has evolved, so too has property styling, adapting to changing tastes, technologies, and buyer expectations.

Home staging is more than just decorating; it’s about strategically designing spaces to create emotional triggers that make potential buyers want to live in that space. It’s the difference between a house and a home. In any place where there’s a fiercely competitive real estate market, a well-styled home isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity.


Because a well-staged home sells faster and often at a higher price than its unstaged counterpart.

The Nuances of Property Styling

Every property is unique, and so is every potential buyer. Recognizing this, property styling delves into the intricate details that make each space special. It’s not just about making a home look good; it’s about tailoring the presentation to resonate with the target demographic. A family home, for instance, might be styled differently from a chic urban apartment targeting young professionals.

And in a competitive market, it’s essential to strike a balance. While a property should have a distinct character, it should also possess a universal appeal, ensuring it doesn’t alienate any potential buyers. This balance is where the true craft of property styling shines.

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Key Elements of Property Styling

Property styling is not just about making a space look aesthetically pleasing; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that resonates with potential buyers. It allows them to envision their best possible life within those walls and their future.

Let’s delve deeper into the key components that make property styling such an essential aspect of the real estate industry:

Furniture Selection

The furniture in a home serves as its backbone. It dictates the flow of a room, establishes focal points, and can either enhance or diminish a space’s perceived size. Choosing the right furniture involves considering the room’s dimensions, the property’s overall style, and the target demographic.

For instance, a minimalist, sleek sofa might be perfect for a modern urban apartment targeting young professionals, while a plush, oversized couch might be more fitting for a family home. The right furniture not only complements the architectural features of a property but also ensures that spaces are functional and inviting.

Colour Palettes

Colours have the power to evoke emotions, set moods, and influence perceptions. In property styling, the chosen colour palette can make all the difference. Neutral hues, such as soft beiges, greys, and whites, often serve as the base, providing a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to project their personal style. However, strategic pops of colour, whether through accent walls or decor, can add character and vibrancy to a space. The key is to always strike a balance and ensure that the property feels both fresh and timeless.


Often underestimated, lighting is a cornerstone of effective property styling. The right lighting can transform a space, accentuating its strengths and masking its flaws. Natural light, streaming in through windows and skylights, brings warmth and vitality to a property. However, artificial lighting, from ambient ceiling fixtures to task lighting and accent lamps, plays an equally crucial role. It sets the mood, creates depth, and highlights key architectural features. A well-lit room feels more inviting, spacious, and luxurious, making it a vital component in the property styling toolkit.

Spatial Arrangement

How a space is arranged can also significantly impact its appeal. A room that’s cluttered or poorly laid out can feel cramped and uninviting, regardless of its actual size. Effective spatial arrangement involves understanding flow and movement. It’s about guiding the potential buyer’s journey through the property, ensuring they notice its best features. Strategically placing furniture, creating clear pathways, and maximising open spaces let property stylists enhance the perceived size and functionality of a room.


Accessories are the finishing touches that bring a space to life. They add depth, character, and personality to a property. From throw pillows and vases to wall art and decorative bowls, these seemingly small details can make a significant impact. They tell a story, create focal points, and often serve as conversation starters.

But always remember, the key to effective accessorising is moderation. Over-accessorizing can make a space feel cluttered while under-accessorising can leave it feeling cold and impersonal.

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Impact on Property Appeal

The benefits of property styling are manifold. A well-styled property often photographs better, ensuring it stands out in online listings. These compelling visuals draw more potential buyers, leading to more viewings and, often, quicker sales.

Plus, when potential buyers tour a styled property, they’re not just looking at rooms; they’re experiencing a lifestyle. They can envision Sunday breakfasts in the sunlit kitchen or cosy Friday movie nights in the plush living room. This emotional connection can be the deciding factor in making an offer.

On top of that, styled properties often command higher offers. Buyers see value in a move-in-ready home, one that requires minimal effort and investment to make their own.

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The Urban Chic Way

In an industry teeming with stylists, Urban Chic Property Styling makes its mark permanent. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of both the property and the potential buyer. Every property is unique, and Urban Chic ensures that its uniqueness shines through in every styling endeavour.

Staying abreast of the latest trends, Urban Chic blends contemporary styles with timeless classics. Our properties are not just staged; they’re transformed. Whether it’s a vintage home needing a modern touch or a new build requiring warmth and character, we rise to the challenge, ensuring every property is presented in its best possible light.

The Sydney Property Market is one of the Most Dynamic and Competitive Markets in the World.

Purchasers in the Sydney market compete against each other enthusiastically to secure their new home or investment property under the hammer at auction or via a private treaty offer and acceptance. However, it’s not only buyers who must compete. Property sellers must be diligent in properly preparing their property for sale if they are to rise above the other offerings in their local area and obtain that elusive ‘top dollar’.

Typically, property owners will only sell their home or investment property once every 5 – 10 years, therefore the opportunity to maximise the sale price at the time of sale is extremely important. Those who don’t take care to present their property at its absolute best during the sales campaign can often leave hundreds of thousands of dollars ‘on the table’ as buyers won’t usually compete for a property that doesn’t grab them emotionally from the outset. Why settle for less when you can make an extra $20,000, $50,000, $100,00, $500,000 + in just a few weeks by properly presenting your home from the outset? It would take most people years to earn these types of sums (after tax) working at their jobs however, incredibly, some sellers still don’t take advantage of this once in a decade opportunity and instead opt to ‘save’ a few thousand dollars on their property presentation.

What is Professional Property Styling/Home Staging?

Property styling serves as a cost effective way to make a property for sale more appealing to buyers. In most cases, all existing furnishings are removed from the home and the Stylist creates a ‘vision’ for the property interior and outdoor entertaining areas using carefully selected hard furniture and soft furnishings, artwork, rugs, and decor. The furnishings are delivered and meticulously set up prior to the commencement of the sales campaign. The property is typically then photographed and marketed online by a selling agent.

In some cases, the sellers have several useful pieces of furniture already. In this case the house stylist will use ‘Partial Styling’ to create the proper effect and will hire furniture for the house sale to the vendor make up the pieces not supplied by the vendor.

The objective is to create interest in the property, then competition and ultimately to maximise the property sale price.

Professional Property Styling (also known as “Home Staging”) truly is one of the most cost effective keys to unlock the value of a property for sale. Property Styling creates and adds massive value to a property in several ways;

More “Heads Through the Door”.

There’s an old saying in Real Estate that goes “You can’t negotiate with someone who doesn’t come to look“. Purchasers are busy nowadays. They have very limited time to inspect potential properties and will typically only make the time to view a property when it really ‘grabs’ them online. Professional Property Styling will ensure that any images of your property for sale truly stand out from the crowd and that the various rooms within the property have the optimal layout for photography. Having the right photographic perspective in an online image can really help sell the space. The combination of beautiful Property Styling and a skilled photographer will ensure potential purchasers can’t scroll past the online listing and simply must make time to view the property despite their hectic schedule. Grabbing and holding the buyer’s attention in this way is the essential first step on the road to maximising your property sale price.

Demonstrating the Space.

Another benefit of Professional PropertyStyling/Home Staging is that it demonstrates to would-be buyers how they can live in the space. When viewing an empty property, purchasers often struggle with imagining how areas within the property will work from a functional perspective. The optimal placement of furniture and furnishings, shows the buyer how they can get the best out of the space and further contributes to the emotional appeal of the property, driving competition (and the end sale price) higher.

The WOW! Factor.

Once you have the attention of the prospective purchaser and they have committed to attending an inspection, the next hurdle is ensuring their viewing experience of the property is a favourable one. First impressions count however when it comes to maximising a property sale price, second impressions count for more. A large part of the buying decision will be made by the purchasers at the first inspection. If done correctly, Professional Property Styling will create “The WOW Factor” you need to get the purchaser emotionally engaged in the property. Purchasers don’t usually buy based on logic, they largely buy based on emotion. If you can get more “heads through the door” and create desire within your prospective purchasers, this will create competition. The more competition you can create between prospective buyers, the higher the resulting price will typically be.

What is the Difference Between Home Styling and Interior Decoration?

While home staging/property Styling and interior design both entail decorating a house, the two services have different ends in mind. Interior designers take the ideas of a home owner and create a style that matches their personal preference. Unfortunately, when many go to sell a house, they assume that their own particular tastes in style will make the house more appealing to buyers. 

Interior design puts the personality of the owner into the home, including personal touches such as family photos, collectables, and other elements. Home Stylists achieve the opposite effect. They do not want potential buyers feeling like they have come into someone else’s personal space. While they seek to achieve a home style effect, they also strive for a neutral look that could either appeal to anyone or ideally to the most likely type of purchaser.

How Much Does Professional Property Styling/Home Staging Cost?

Home staging and property styling works to achieve the best price possible at sale. No set formula exists for this process therefore highly creative and skilled Property Stylists are required to achieve the optimum effect. Property staging ideas and plans must reflect a number of factors, including:

  • Target demographics for the Property (i.e. who is the likely buyer?)
  • The existing internal/external style and architecture of the property
  • Whether it is an apartment or a house

Different suburb areas appeal to different types of people with varying ideas on what makes a space attractive & welcoming. Rural areas may need a more traditional or classic looking property styling package, adjusted for other demographics factors depending on the area, while high-end urban spaces usually have a more modern/contemporary look.
House styling services usually work hard to keep up with the designs and trends that best help to sell houses in each area.

How Much Does Professional Property Styling/Home Staging Cost?

The cost of home styling in Sydney varies greatly depending on the location of the property, amount of furniture and level of furnishings required. We would be delighted to provide you with a quotation.

Call Urban Chic Today on 0418 166 186 to Obtain a Quotation.

Contact Urban Chic today to learn more about how our 25 years of property marketing experience can help you sell your home for the best price possible, whether it’s a charming family residence, a stylish apartment in the heart of the city, or a cozy suburban abode. With our expertise, we’ll make sure your property, like the one at 3B/415 West Botany Street, Kogarah NSW 2217, stands out from the competition and captures the hearts of potential buyers. We look forward to increasing the value of your property!! 

Final Words

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, property styling has emerged as a crucial factor in determining a property’s market success. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about strategy, understanding, and expertise and as the market continues to grow and change, the importance of professional property styling will only become more pronounced. For sellers looking to maximise their property’s appeal and for buyers seeking a space that feels like home, property styling is the bridge that connects aspiration with reality.


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