Zip Money explained

It’s easy!

We send you an invitation to apply by both email and SMS. You fill out a simple application. We are notified once you are approved and your Professional Styling can then be installed on the agreed date.

At the beginning of each month, Zip Money will send you a summary of what you owe.

You can then pay $40 per month until you pay back in full at settlement of your property sale, or pay in full earlier at any time.

Loan Amounts Available
From $2200 up to $8000

Interest free period
0% interest for 3 months
Promotional offers 6-48 months

Establishment fee
$0 – $99

Minimum repayments
From $40/month

Account fee
$6/month waived if you have no balance

Call us directly on 0418 166 186 to apply.

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