Now that you’ve painted your walls the right white, how do you coordinate everything else in the room to make a spectacular space? What about furnishings? Art? When you consult a specialist in property styling Sutherland Shire, Western Suburbs, or even downtown Sydney, that professional will help you bring it all together in fine form.

Firstly, recognise that there is a fine line between boring and beautiful. A professional home stager can help you find that line as you prepare your home for sale. Having the help of an experienced stager can make the difference between a nice room and an amazing one. The bonus is the home stager already knows what makes home buyers fall in love with a house.
If you’re hoping to do your home staging on your own, we present just five things that can make your neutral room come to life.

Lighting: We say this all the time. The lighting in your room, including the natural light coming in from windows, can work magic. Lighting is everything. You should have several lighting sources in each room and not just one central ceiling fixture. Lamps and chandeliers as well as sconces can help make a room sparkle. (Also, speaking of chandeliers, there is no rule that says they only belong above the dining room table or overhead in the foyer. Think about adding one to your master bathroom or to the vaulted ceiling in your living room. They give a dramatic flair wherever they go.)

Furnishings: Look for furnishings in beiges and other neutral shades. Off-whites and linen colours also work wonderfully well with white walls. After you’ve selected the seating pieces, use warm woods and darker accents in other furnishings. Now that reclaimed wood and rustic-looking accent pieces are popping up everywhere in décor, don’t be afraid to use them as well. They make the ‘trip’ between white and other neutral colours that much easier on the eye.

Textures: As you begin to accessorise your white room, look for cushions, rugs, and accents that are rich in texture. Rattan pieces or woven baskets add a cosy feel that will enchant your potential buyers when they tour your room. We see more and more accent pieces made from old timber these days in keeping with the rustic trend. Driftwood is another good source of texture you can incorporate in your design.

Colours: Just because you’ve chosen a neutral colour palette doesn’t mean you have to give up beautiful, rich colour. A soft, neutral room needs pops of colour to round it out. Pick one or two colours from your favorite rug or a prominent painting and repeat that colour several ways throughout the room. You could go really bold and paint one wall in one of those colours as a focal point, but we recommend that you discuss this first with your property styling Sutherland Shire specialist. Colours in big doses can create a negative reaction in buyers and you want to avoid that.

Greenery: There is a place for living things in every room in your house. Bringing in live plants or even using quality silk replicas can give your room a feeling of being grounded – connected to Mother Earth. Try putting a few small pots of live, growing herbs in your kitchen window or hang a healthy, happy fern in your bathroom. You can choose a simple tall vase with a tree limb for the hallway or the stairs or hang a series of interestingly textured pots in front of the picture window to give your neutral room a more natural feel and provide extra privacy if that’s an issue.

Styling with white walls can be more difficult than you imagined. With a little help from a professional home stager you can discover wonderfully warm and welcoming rooms throughout your house. Even if you’ve decided to do this project without the help of a stager, these guidelines will help keep you on track.

If you do find that you need a little or a lot of assistance with your property styling Sutherland Shire, the pros at Urban Chic Property Styling are standing by to help. Whether you need just a consultation, or the staging of your entire home, we have the tools, the talent, and the experience to make your home selling adventure a better one.

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