A Flavour of the Hamptons
Lately, the nearly universal appeal of the iconic Hamptons style has caught on in Sydney as
thoroughly as it did in the US where the style was first seen. The Aussie version of the Hamptons
look is our own variation of the US idea that better reflects our lifestyle and our history, but the
basic foundations of the style are the same. Not all of our houses have the exterior architecture
that marks the Hamptons – saltbox houses with Dutch Colonial bones and shingle-clad exteriors.
Nevertheless, with some changes to the colour scheme and changing your home’s furnishings,
you can create a Hampton-like ambiance to woo potential buyers when you list your home for
In order to create the proper beach-home- meets-moneyed- sophistication feel for your Hamptons
look, you need to begin at the beginning. When we think of the Hamptons we think of ocean
breezes, dazzling light, and a casual, easy lifestyle that speaks quietly of an upscale attitude. It all
begins with an interior colour scheme in whites, grays, and sun-bleached sand accented by ocean
colours. Pops of green and blue in all their variations bring life to the neutral scheme. The
addition of furnishings and fabrics that are at once cultured and casual finally proclaims that
yours is a Hamptons style home.
If all of this sounds easy, guess again. It takes a special attention to the details of this popular
style to bring it all together flawlessly. It can be done, but unless you’re very familiar with the
style itself, you can go wrong easily. If you’re not careful you could end up with a look that
shouts bargain basement shabby chic instead of the classic look you want. If you want to bring a
bit of Long Island to your home, plan to do it with the help of the experts.
Don’t quickly dismiss the idea of bringing in a home stager as out of the question. You might
imagine that calling in a professional home stylist is out of your league – something that only the
wealthy real estate tycoons do – but you’d be wrong again.
In the matter of dressing your home for a successful sale you won’t want to make costly
mistakes. When you engage the services of an experienced home stager, you stand to sell your
home for far more than you’ll spend. Real estate selling agents agree that home staging is one of
the best and smartest steps you can take to create a top-notch sale.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have been creating the Hamptons style for our clients long
enough to know all of the little tricks. Not only that, we have all of the furnishings, art, rugs, and
other décor in stock to perfect the transition. We believe that your home’s makeover deserves
perfection, and that comes from practice.
Our experiences have shown us that staging companies that hire furnishings from other vendors
leave far too much to chance. Instead, we believe in investing and curating an expansive
collection of the right furnishings to flawlessly create the looks our clients want. In this way, we
can be certain that all the pieces are in place when the time comes for the first potential buyer to
tour your home.
The sale of your home is a big business deal. It may be the largest financial transaction in which
you’ll ever be involved. Of course, you want to make the most of it. Our business philosophy
dictates that each of our clients and each sale hinges on the quality of our presentation of your
home. Whether you’re looking for a Hamptons style atmosphere or something more
contemporary, the property styling professionals at Urban Chic are eager to create a winning
transformation for your sale. Call us today to see what sets us apart.

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