If you’re planning to sell your property in Sydney’s St George area, now is a great time. Your selling agent will probably urge you to take a look at the competition before you rush into listing. These days, most selling agents advise their clients to bring home stagers in to put the final spit and polish on homes for sale anywhere in the region, but property styling St George really can’t be omitted in the rush to sell.

A quick look at the properties for sale in the St George area tells us just why selling your home in the region may be a bit more difficult than you’d imagined. Property in the St George region is, as always, very desirable. Buyers, particularly the buyers we call millennials, will be thrilled with the amenities the communities thereabouts provide, but how can you make your house stand out from the rest? The listed homes we see online are all delightful. How will your buyer choose just one?
First of all, we need to take a reality check.

When it comes to millennial buyers – those home seekers who came of age in the last two decades – the St George area has an abundance of appeal. Homes there are practically sitting right on the water. (Millennials, as a group, are very outdoor oriented and would much rather be surfing or sailing than mowing the lawn.) Getting to and from work is a walk in the park thanks to the ample public transportation available. However, these buyers are especially drawn to houses and apartments that speak volumes about their goals.

A home that says, “Here is an up and coming business sensation” seems to be very important to these young professionals. When they look at a house, they are as likely to be envisioning their boss enjoying a dinner party as they are imagining their children going off to school. They have a deep interest in looking the part of a business success.

Part of making a house in this area viable in this market is making it look ‘successful’. It should be chic and sophisticated. The furnishings and the décor will play an incredibly important part of that all-important first impression. (This happens, by the way, online – long before the buyer ever telephones a selling agent.) Know that if a millennial buyer is looking at your house, they will be willing to pay more but there will be conditions.

These are people with their heads brimming over with business deals. They won’t be interested in refinishing the hardwood floors themselves, or supervising any repairs. Instead, they will make downward adjustments to the price of the house.

If you hope to snag this buyer, you’ll want to prepare the house in such a way that millennials will see a property that could be ready for move-in this very afternoon. The house that interests these discriminating buyers will be ready for whatever comes down the pike. According to those who engage in professional property styling St George, millennials are a completely different breed from their parents, those we called baby boomers.

What about other buyers? In today’s very competitive real estate market in the Greater Sydney Area, you can count on buyers insisting on a very obvious value for their money. With prices hovering upwards of a million dollars, buyers are very focused on what they’ll be getting for the price. Anything you can do to improve the overall impression your home makes, the better off you will be in the end.

Selling a house today in whatever suburban area you live will probably involve bringing in a professional home stager. Fortunately, the price for this final professional touch is modest – so modest, in fact, that the increased selling price your house will bring will almost always cover your investment. Plus, houses prepared in this way usually sell in less than two weeks. Unstaged or poorly prepared homes can linger on the market for months.

If you are planning to sell your home this year, begin now to explore companies that provide home styling services. The more upscale your neighbourhood, the more you will require their services in order to compete. When you’re ready to talk to professional property stylists St George, call Urban Chic Property Styling. We look forward to hearing from you.

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