When it comes to giving a house a facelift, there’s nothing quite like a new coat of paint to get the job done. Staging property for sale can feel like an overwhelming task, but with a fresh new canvas to work with, even very ordinary properties can get a zestier look. Paint is cheap, easy, and can still create the most dramatic change in the least amount of time.

What’s even better is that paint manufacturers have begun to realise that paint is being used to create more than white walls. These days one can find paint in colours from dazzlingly bright to soft suede-like neutrals that add subtle texture. If giving a room a new identity is your plan, these days your paint retailer has a tool for you.

For those of us who have imperfect walls – and many of us do – using textured paint can make old, poorly painted walls new again. (Yes. There will be prep work, but it will be worth it. Trust us.) Two brilliant examples are created by Dulux. This innovative company has recently created both a concrete-like finish and one in suede to meet the needs of house owners across the continent.

Want Industrial?

The concrete touch comes in a can aptly called Dulux Design Concrete Effect. It only comes in two colours, Pale Elements, a traditional concrete gray, and Onyx Edge, a deeper, darker, perhaps more sophisticated shade. Either can transform a troubled wall, making it look as if it was planned that way.

With the concrete look, you bring an update to traditional spaces with an industrial element. The look can be as intense or as muted as you like depending on your taste or the nature of the flaws you’re trying to cover. (Watch for an article soon on preparing damaged and blemished walls for paint.)

Looking for Elegance?

Of course, fabric-covered walls are nothing new. For centuries, (probably very wealthy) people have been using fabric as wallpaper, adding rich colour and pattern to plain walls. Today it’s still done, but it can still be expensive and require the help of an experienced contractor.

Instead of attempting that treatment, try putting faux suede on your room’s feature wall. Dulux Design’s Suede Effect can give your wall a rich textural element that absolutely makes the room. If you want quiet sophistication, use this paint in a warm, sandy tan or a moody gray to whisper “manor house” to you and your guests.

Another whimsical paint innovation by the folks at Dulux Design is Chalkboard Effect. Walls meant to be written on are a sensational idea for families with little ones – they’re going to write on the walls anyway. Why not give them a dedicated space for creativity? Don’t imagine, however, that a chalkboard wall is just for munchkins. Chalkboard paint is finding its way into offices, kitchens, and game rooms everywhere.

This ultra-flat paint comes in any colour you fancy and can fit into a space where reminders, lists, or messages might capture the attention of passers-by. Chalkboard paint is an idea that’s time has come.

When you’re thinking of paint, why not also think of texture? Now that paint can bring another of our senses into the mix, it adds what Alice’s friend the Mad Hatter might call “muchness”.

Naturally, before you head down the texture path, do discuss your ideas with your expert at staging property. He or she will know whether such a wall treatment will enhance the ambiance you’re looking for in your staging process. If it doesn’t add dollars to the bottom line, skip it.

The key here is to hire the best possible home staging expert. With the right property styling company at your side, you can transform your house into precisely the place buyers are looking for. The housing market in our area is in flux. That means the wants and needs of buyers can shift in a heartbeat – you’ll need to employ only those upgrades that can survive such shifts and still look stunning.

If you have not yet chosen your home stager, may we suggest your call Urban Chic Property Styling? We’ve been staging property in and around Sydney for decades. Ours is a service with a proven record and a sterling reputation. Hire the best. Call us today.

Image courtesy of  Taubmans.

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