Consider the display home of yesteryear. When some astute real estate professional realised that selling a house could be better accomplished when you had a completely furnished unit to illustrate its beauty to potential buyers, the real estate world changed forever. These days a house listed for sale will inevitably show the magical touch of a house stylist and come complete with furniture hire. Sydney buyers practically insist on getting a complete picture of the product they’re buying.

Considering the way we shop, it is no wonder that the home-buyer wants to ‘test drive’ the new house before the final deal is done. We do it with cars. We do it with suits and dresses. We do it with life-partners (this practice is also known as dating), so looking at a house at work really ought to be a no-brainer. This explains the popularity of home staging in today’s world.

Of course, a house at work needs to be furnished. This brings up the problem that most of us have when it comes time to stage our home for sale. Most of us don’t have sufficient furnishings to fill two houses. Once we’ve moved out, the old house is bare. Of course we could leave the furniture basics in the old place but, if you’re like most of us, your sofas, chairs, and other main pieces were purchased a bit at a time and are not all well-matched. And they are all used to one degree or another. Worn upholstery and home sales don’t work well together.

There is almost always the need for hiring furnishings.

In order to accomplish this, you can go to a company that regularly furnishes temporary or interim housing. This can be a very good plan if you can be assured that you get what you want. Not all furnishings complement all architectural styles. You want a coherent look in your model house, so having different rooms furnished in vastly differing styles can be jarring and unsettling to buyers.

Another option is to allow your home stager to deal with the furniture hire. Sydney is full of furniture dealers who handle such jobs. Again, the challenge is to find a dealer who can supply just what your stager has envisioned for your house. Too often the pieces you and your stager have selected come to be elsewhere at the time they are needed. This leaves you with whatever is left. Ugh.

If you happen to be with a well-established home staging company, though, chances are that there is a good working relationship between them. A furniture vendor will work hard not to disappoint a good customer, so if they have worked together for some time your chances of getting what you need are much better.

A novice home stager – a new company or a fledgling stylist may not have the best working relationships in place. This can lead to major upheaval in your staging plans. We urge you to seek out an established staging company.

One of the best things about working with a company that’s been around for a while is that they will likely own their furniture inventory. The stylist can select everything they need from their own warehouse and, because they also control the use of these furnishings, the pieces will be there when they are needed. There will be no unpleasant surprises.

These companies also have delivery personnel who know what’s what in the installation of staging pieces. They are professional movers who can do the job without expensive accidents and damages. (Think about those hardwood floors you just had refinished!!)

There is also something to be said for having a seamless staging operation in place. With all facets of the business working together, the work gets done without a single snag.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been transforming houses in the Greater Sydney Area for decades. Not only are we well established, we also have a complete inventory of furnishing pieces at our disposal and the movers to professionally install whatever is necessary. When it comes to furniture hire Sydney has no better options than ours. Call today and see what we have to offer.


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