Nobody makes the conscious decision to sell their home for less than it is worth. Most people see the sale of a house as a big business deal – perhaps the largest business transaction in which they will ever be involved. The fact remains, however, that some sellers fail to do their homework ahead of listing their home on the market. Some fail to consider the impact that property styling for sale can make to the ultimate sale price. When this happens, the potential cash return for your real estate investment goes unfulfilled.

If your house doesn’t bring a substantial return on your overall investment, you’re probably doing something wrong.

In today’s Australian real estate market, the competition is razor sharp. Home prices are on the rise and losing money on your home sale would be difficult. Nevertheless, unless you reach for the sky, you may be settling for far less than you should. Profit is the point of the real estate game and modest profits can be improved on with a little thoughtful effort.

Imagine you are planning to sell your car. You could put a sign on it and park it in your driveway as is. You might not take the time to remove the children’s toys and fast food rubbish from the back seat, or clean the upholstery. Your car might sell for what it’s worth, but it might have fetched a higher price if you’d followed a car dealer’s lead.

When a car dealer accepts a car for trade-in, the process of selling that car at the highest price possible begins by sending the vehicle to the shop. There, all of the systems are checked, and the engine steam-cleaned. The interior of the vehicle is completely detailed. The upholstery is cleaned, the windows are polished to their sparkling best, the floor mats are scrubbed and the interior is made to look like brand new. Why? Because buyers want the best deal they can find. If the car feels new, it will sell for more money.

The same process applies to homes and apartments for sale. Making sure the place shows at its ultimate best is critical to the final sale price. Everything that is meant to sparkle should sparkle. Every little motor from refrigerator to the air conditioner fan should work flawlessly. Everything should look, feel, and smell perfect. How does one do all of these things? Who has the expertise to deal with window insulation and garbage disposer function? Enter the professional home stager.

The success of property styling for sale depends on having the necessary knowledge to bring every last element of the property into flawless condition. If it weren’t difficult enough to know everything about houses and their systems, it’s just as important to know and understand the needs of the buyers who will be inspecting your home. Unless the colours are appealing and the appearance of the place is irresistible, you won’t be getting the high offers you want. All of the pieces and parts of the property require attention; a talented and well-trained house stager has the skill set to see to everything at once.

Your time is valuable. As a homeowner, your skill set may include many of the necessary tools for this big project. Perhaps you know how to paint a room or tinker with a light switch. You might even understand air conditioning units, but only you can determine whether preparing your home for sale is the best use of your precious time. Do you have the time to bone up on plumbing essentials? Are you prepared to study colour theory as it relates to the millennial buyer? Most homeowners today understand that it makes good business sense to leave the preparation and presentation of their property to the experts. The first and most important advice from your real estate selling agent will probably be, “Hire a house stager.”

If you follow your agent’s advice, your chances of wringing every last penny out of your real estate investment get better and better. If you are committed to making this transaction a wildly successful one – to make this investment pay off the way it should – call in the experts at property styling for sale. Professionally staged homes sell for as much as 20 percent more than their unstaged counterparts. (The cost being just one to three percent of the original market value estimate.) When it comes to your biggest investment, the smart way to ramp up the sale price of your home is to have it prepared by experts. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today and make the most of your real estate investment.

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