Watch any home improvement or real estate oriented TV program and you’ll know that having a fully staged home will help in selling your property quickly. We humans, thanks to television exposure, know that having a move-in-ready property is one key to selling big. In our area particularly, the way we furnish and stage our houses weighs heavily on the selling price. Furniture styling Sydney is an important, even critical, component to a stellar sale.

The way real estate is sold today barely resembles the way it was done 30 years ago. Back then one could do with just a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard. Now it’s far more complicated and almost totally dependent upon the World Wide Web.

In this age of internet access, most real estate shopping is done online. Potential buyers sort through the thousands of properties offered in agency listings and are already certain of what they want. They are looking for a home that is either new or so well maintained that they don’t have to concern themselves with impending repairs or system failures.

As buyers pore over the images online, you can be sure that they will pass over any home that is vacant or staged with less-than-perfect furnishings. Remember that the biggest group of buyers today is the millennial group. These are people who came of age since the advent of the internet. They are used to instant access to anything in the world they desire. Naturally, they feel at a loss when they must determine where and how furnishings should be placed to make the most of any room. Such design issues are not in their job description.

Properties on television programs all come perfectly staged. Why would the millennium buyer consider anything less than a thoughtfully arranged and beautifully styled home? Perhaps this is the reason your selling agent will most likely urge you to bring in a professional home stylist before you list your property for sale.

When a home is professionally staged it will sell quickly and is almost certain to bring more money than you’d anticipated. According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, a professionally staged home will often sell in less than two weeks. (Eleven days is the average.) When you compare that with the average number of days on the market for an unstaged home, it is staggering. An unstaged home time on the market is about three months – 90 days to be precise. The question is, can you afford NOT to have your home staged?

Think, for a moment, about the number of bills that can mount up in three months. With mortgage payments, insurance premiums, electricity bills, and other incidental expenses such as lawn care, the cost can be painful. When you consider the modest cost of professional home staging, it makes sense to spend the money on the front end to avoid the other costs later.

One of the other advantages of having your home styled by a staging professional is their intimate knowledge of the wants and needs of the millennial buyer. These buyers are interested in a property that looks the part – that reflects their dedication to climbing the corporate ladder. In other words, the property for them will be one they would feel good about inviting their boss into. Furnishings will weigh heavily in the buying decision, even if the furnishings are there only for ‘show’ and will not remain after the sale.

Buyers recognise and appreciate what is aesthetically pleasing to them, and will probably take their decorative cue from the way your property is staged. This means they won’t have to develop new design skills – something they don’t have the time for. Your furniture styling Sydney efforts will be appreciated.

Before you list your property for sale, call in the styling specialists from Urban Chic Property Styling. In terms of furniture styling Sydney, our vast array of beautiful furnishings that is sure to please any buyer who comes your way. We do place special emphasis on attracting the huge millennial buyer group who not only have the cash, but also have no compunction about spending it. That bodes well for sellers, does it not? Call us today.

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