If you are thinking of selling your property in the Inner West, you may be in luck. One might not expect to see so many baby boomers (those who were born following World War II and into the mid-1960s) relocating to Sydney’s Inner West, but they seem to be coming in droves. The picturesque streets of areas like Annandale are attracting older, empty nesters who are discovering the charm of what was originally a very upscale Sydney suburb and is becoming so once again. Now is an excellent time to consider calling in an expert in property styling Inner West to prepare for a big sale.

Baby boomers are flocking to neighbourhoods that feature an eclectic mix of architecture and old-time gentility like Annandale. Why? Perhaps because their children have located nearby, making the area that much more attractive to those who want to downsize and still have some elegance in their lives as provided by the ambiance of the area.

Your sales team, consisting of both your selling agent and your property stylist, can help you to capture this trend and put it to work for you. The secret is in knowing how to appeal to this age group and what it takes to get that job done. Fortunately both of these professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the real estate market and can translate those heartbeats into cash for your future. It just takes a bit of thoughtful planning.

Baby boomers were once the biggest segment of the real estate buying public. These days, though, the millennials – those who came of age after the mid-1990s – have taken their place as real estate royalty. However, the boomers are not to be taken lightly. As retirement approaches, the boomers have the money to spend and the inclination to do just that if their needs are met. Homes and apartments in the Inner West can fit the bill.

It looks quite possible that the Inner West will become the Baby Boomer Capital of New South Wales. It’s a wave you’ll want to catch if you’re in the market to sell.

So, how do you know what to do to entice potential buyers to your home if they are beginning to age but nowhere ready for a retirement home? The answer to that question is to have somebody on your team who knows what tempts this group. (Read a professional home stylist with experience.)

While new home styling companies are popping up like mushrooms around the Sydney area, not all styling firms are created equally. Consider successful experience as the primary requisite in selecting a home stager.

If you’ve been styling properties for decades, as have the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling, you already know the mind of the baby boomer. Not only that, you understand their motivations and their goals. When they look at the images of homes online as they shop, certain things capture their attention and keep it.

These shoppers “try on” a house in their minds just as they would a new dress or pair of jeans. They use their imagination to see how their lives would be in such a place. If that place is full of colours they dislike and styles they find uncomfortable or off-putting, they return the house to the rack in a hurry.

Your goal in styling a property for baby boomers is far different than it would be for a millennial and confusing the two is a kiss of death in the real estate market. You’ll need a well-seasoned stylist to translate the reality of your property into the wants of your Baby Boom Buyer. Only a stylist with many years of experience can get this job done. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we were selling agents before we became home stagers.

We have been working with these same people for decades. We speak their language.

Before you list your property in the Inner West for sale, discuss the staging with your selling agent. Chances are our name will come up. That’s because we’ve been transforming homes in the area for a very long time. We have the reputation of successfully dressing homes for really big sales. Why settle for less than the very best price for your property? Call us today.

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