Beach Therapy

The 21st century can be a very stressful place. We all work harder and longer day after day, week after week. It’s no wonder, then, that today’s home buyer finds the Hamptons style – reminiscent of that traditional US playground for the wealthy – so irresistible. The style brings in natural fibres — the simple elements of sisal, jute, linen, canvas and driftwood — to create a beach house feel even in the bustle of downtown Sydney. To people living in a Hamptons style house, going home is a holiday. It’s a bit like beach therapy.

Today’s demographic information tells us that home buyers are looking for something far more than a set of walls and floors when they set out to buy a new home. The newest flood of buyers, the millennials, is in no way inclined to be slaves to a structure. While the baby boomer parents might have loved the prospect of mowing the lawn and saving diligently for that new kitchen renovation, their millennial children are not. They want things to be simple, straightforward, and as casual as possible – as long as it is also sophisticated and upscale.

While that wish list might sound difficult to fill, it is custom-made for the Hamptons house. The houses on Long Island, New York, were meant to fill each and every one of those items and then some. When the very wealthy left their mansions and upscale city townhouses for a season in the sun, they wanted the elegance to which they were accustomed to come along with them. They also wanted the feel of freedom and a carefree lifestyle to go with it. Hence the Hamptons style.

As you prepare to list your home for sale, it pays to consider this style which is a magnet to millennial buyers. This easy, breezy decorating style is practically custom made for the Australian lifestyle. Whether your home accesses a beach or a boulevard, it can be made to echo the feel of a Hamptons home with a little help from your home stylist.

The conversion of even a landlocked home can be done without breaking the bank. Because the costs to stage your home are nearly always completely covered by the sale price, this conversion represents a perfect trade. A good stylist can transform your home in the Hamptons’ tradition, and such a facelift will have a positive impact on the value and the sale price of your home.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, where Hamptons style is increasingly popular, we have even had clients tell us that they would move right back into their home after the Hamptons’ makeover. That’s a testament to both the stylist and the special brand of imagination it takes to re-create a space so thoroughly.

Of course, the point of such a makeover is to capture the imagination of your prospective buyers. What makes this style irresistible to the millennial is the combination of the sense of being on holiday, and the trappings of success, without a ‘to do’ list to go along with them. When you have your home stagers create a beachy, Hamptons environment in your property, you are offering the millennial buyer precisely what he or she wants – a new house and a lifestyle to go along with it. Buyers find this to be a win/win situation.

When you are preparing to list your home for sale, remember that the rules of real estate sales have changed. Today’s buyer shops differently to the way in which the baby boomers did. Today’s buyer wants different things presented in a different way. Very often the sale of a home hinges on the presentation and the lifestyle it evokes. Good staging is, then, in many ways, the best investment you can make to pave the way to a higher sale price in a hurry.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been transforming homes and home sales for decades. We have the experience and the imagination to help you transform your home into a Hamptons style beach house in order to appeal to the buyers shopping in your price range. We can help the buyer fall in love with your home, ultimately finishing up with happy buyers, happier sellers, and a styling company with yet another happy ending. Call us today.

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