With the winter in our rear-view, the spring real estate selling season is upon us. Even though you may have heard that housing prices are falling, don’t be discouraged. The housing market is still alive and kicking in the Greater Sydney area and the housing market is healthy. The biggest problem you, as a home seller faces, is the fact that there are lots of properties on the market for sale – many more than last year at this time. There is more and keener competition, but that complication can be alleviated with a little help from the professional house stylists Sydney has to offer.

You may not yet have determined whether or not you will hire a staging company to prepare your house for sale. Perhaps you don’t even thoroughly understand what it is that a home stager does. Each property is different, of course, but the primary job of a staging firm is to dress your house for selling success. This, at its barest bones, is to bring in furnishings and décor to make your house look like its ready for the prom.

But there is so much more to be done in preparing a home for sale. There are so many things to be handled before a house sells – many involving repairs and maintenance projects that have been deferred by the home owner. Fortunately, in the world of property styling, all of these chores are ‘business as usual’.

When you hire a styling company to help with the sale of your house, a stylist will visit your home and make notes of how to improve the value of your property. The stylist will take measurements and create a furnishing plan, but will also identify other ways to generate a larger profit when the final papers are signed at closing.

Your stylist’s job is to help you make the most of your investment at sale. They might suggest that you seal the cracks in your driveway. At that point, you can decide whether or not you want to do the repairs yourself, hire a contractor, or simply ignore them in hopes that the buyer will also. If you want to hire someone to fix the driveway, house stylists Sydney can usually give you several names of contractors that can do the work at a reasonable price.

The stylist has a list of contractors for just about anything your house might need. From roofing to plumbing and electricity, stylists actually spend much of their time organising such repairs for absent owners, or those who simply don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves.

Once your house is in tip-top shape and it’s been given a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, your stylist will bring in furnishings, art, and other items perfectly suited to the style and scale of your property. You won’t have to choose the paintings for the hallway or the towels for the master bathroom. Your stylist will do all of this for you based on a plan that is tailored to the tastes of the most probable buyers.

Home styling professionals invest heavily in scientific data and research to help them identify, not just who is most likely to be interested in your particular property, but also the income they bring in each year, as well as the colours they like and the pastimes they enjoy. This information gives the stylist the tools to prepare your property to perfectly suit the buyer. If knowledge is power, your professional stylist is a mighty force.

Flaws in a property are often the catalyst for lower offers. When they have been eliminated or minimised, the motivation to cut the offers goes away. Instead, in a professionally staged house the offers usually go up, not down. So, perhaps the best reason for having your home professionally styled is the fact that in most cases, the money spent on staging comes back to the homeowner in the form of higher sales prices.

Finally, the decision whether or not to hire a stager will help your house sell faster. Even with the glut of property on the market today, house stylists Sydney tell us that a well-dressed home gets more exposure from selling agents. It is for this reason that the well-staged home enjoys a much quicker sale and fewer out of pocket costs for the seller. Taken together, these advantages represent big bonuses for the smart seller. Why not explore home staging services for your property?

Photo credit; Image courtesy of Lights4Fun.

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