If you follow this blog, you know we talk a lot about expanding storage space. We think pantries should be larger, or we can at least attempt to make them look like they are. The best home stylists Sydney assure us that the same is true of all storage spaces within your home and we advocate such expansions whenever possible. However, we occasionally forget that actual rooms are sometimes a bit too cosy and might benefit from a bit of stretching as well.

Bedrooms, and particularly the master bedroom, can help to sell your house in a hurry, but if it’s small and cramped, you may need a bit of help. Here are a few ways you can make your bedroom appear much larger than it is and attract more buyers.

  • Add mirrors. Not only do mirrors visually extend the floor space in your room, they also add the bonus of reflecting light, making the room appear larger and more appealing. Think of mounting two mirrors on opposing walls – mirroring the mirror – or add mirrored doors to the built-in wardrobe. There are even mirrored headboards and if you can’t find one, they are easy enough to create from mirrored tiles.
  • Lighten up the window coverings: Heavy, dark window coverings take up lots of visual space. Imagine doing away with the window coverings altogether, or using attractive wooden blinds in white. Install window film. The film is available in a frosted look, or just about any other glass pattern you can imagine. This preserves your privacy and eliminates the need for draperies. When all else fails, consider sheers with a blind behind.
  • Stick ‘em up: If you can attach the table lamps to the walls and install floating hotel-style tables beside your bed, you’ve gained floor space. If it’s possible to mount a shelf, or install a door hook unit for robes rather than using a coat rack, it will also free up floor space.
  • Look up: If installing floating shelves isn’t an option for you, consider installing a floor to ceiling shelving unit. This will not only give you needed storage space, but will also take the eyes of the buyers upward, making them perceive the space as grander.
  • Paint: Light neutral colours serve to expand any space. If you have trim around windows and doors, painting it the same colour as the walls will also keep the eye from frequent interruptions that signal “small”.
  • Selecting light neutrals for bedding will do the same thing as for the walls by making your bed appear to be part of the same sprawling sweep of colour. Add pops of brighter colours with accent cushions and throws.
  • Keeping your balance: Home stylists Sydney will all tell you that scaling the furniture to fit the room is an important way of creating that critical feeling of space. Putting a grand dresser in a room with other, scaled-down apartment sized furniture will do as much to interrupt the eye as a bad colour combination will. Keep everything in the same size-family.
  • Arrangements that sell: As with all other rooms, you must declutter your bedroom. Take away all the furniture that isn’t necessary to the room’s function. Eliminate extra chairs and tables – and if you have to scoot by the bed to get to the door, you need to try other arrangements or get a smaller bed.

Prospective buyers are very much concerned about space. They want tonnes of it, but if you have smaller rooms, make the most of them with some of these little tricks. The buyer may still see that the rooms are not huge, but if they are tastefully painted and elegantly staged, they won’t care so much.

For more tips and help with staging small rooms, call the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling today. When it comes to selling your biggest investment, you’ll want to be sure you have a dynamic, artistic team beside you.

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