If you’re planning a move and intend to sell your home or apartment in Sydney, you’ve chosen the right time. With spring in the air and the excitement the change of season brings, you’ll surely make this real estate transaction the biggest and best in your lifetime. Of course there are some gargantuan tasks on your ‘to-do’ list, but you don’t have to do them all alone. As your real estate agent will tell you, your best bet is to relax and let the professionals handle the hard part. That means calling in a Sydney home staging team to see to the details of making your home ready for the market.

Why stage your home for sale? Money and time. Buyers who see a well-staged home realise immediately that it will sell quickly. If they want it, they will not want it to get away from them, so they offer quickly and they offer above the asking price.

Another benefit to staging is that real estate agents realise the house will be a fast seller, so they tend to show the house more often. More exposure to prospective buyers means more chances to sell and, since the law of supply and demand always works, you may find yourself on the golden side of a bidding war.

Of course, all of this depends on the quality of the home and the staging itself. Unfortunately, a poorly staged home will get the opposite reaction and results to well-presented properties. Naturally, you want to be sure your home stagers have impeccable references and a sterling reputation for excellence in all they do. In the growing world of Sydney home staging, there are new companies popping up all the time, so you’ll have to do your homework. Talk to your selling agent, make some calls, and do always check references. (Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous companies that offer you canned – often professionally written – reviews. Instead, ask for names and phone numbers of satisfied customers then follow up. You’ll be glad you did.)

Almost always, home staging companies offer a number of options for your property. Usually there is an option that buys you a walk-through by the design team and a list of things to do to improve the presentation of your property. Other options may include a by-the-room cost, a whole house cost, and an outdoor package that will serve to perk up your home’s street appeal.

Here is the best advice you’ll get all day: Hire the best company and opt for the biggest package you can afford. Remember, your investment will come back to you in multiples.

In order to hire the best company possible, we suggest that you consider experience. Look for a staging company in which some of the principals have hands-on real estate selling experience. At Urban Chic Property Styling our lead designer, Juliana Gowen, has nearly three decades of successful real estate sales in the greater Sydney area on her resume. Eventually, when she realised that her skill at preparing homes for sale through artful design and extensive experience had become her most effective sales tool, she rearranged her entire career and the rest is an entrepreneurial happy ending.

What’s more, at Urban Chic Property Styling, we take great pride in our success stories. We’re so proud, in fact, that we happily give potential clients names and phone numbers of actual clients so that they can tell you their own personal real estate success story. They happen to be our best advertisers.

Finally, when you begin to understand the keen competition in Sydney’s real estate market, you’ll realise why having the best and most experienced Sydney home staging team on your side can be the key to a sensational sale. There are lots of houses out there – it’s our goal to make yours one of the most irresistible. Call us today and discover what property staging can do for you.

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