Spring in the Sydney area is a sensational time to put your home or apartment on the market for sale. Even knowing that hundreds of other sellers may be plotting the same course, there are things you can do – and certainly things you shouldn’t do – to make your property stand out from the crowd. Especially in a hot market, choosing where and how to spend your energy and money in preparing your home for sale should be an exercise done by your entire sales team: you, your selling agent, and your house stylist.

Each member of the sales team each has a different focus in the sale process. Your selling agent will help you find a few homes of comparable value for you to measure your home against as you settle on an asking price. This is the most reliable way to determine what your house will bring in the market, but the work doesn’t end there. You should take the time to drive by the homes used in establishing the value of your house in order to see what they look like, how they are presented, and what you can do to one-up them.

You, of course, may choose to do the necessary work to prepare your home for sale. That may mean decluttering, cleaning, painting, and undertaking all the sundry repairs from replacing washers in leaky sinks, to lawn maintenance. Each of these tasks can be time consuming and only you know whether or not you have the resources – meaning time and energy – to see them through.

Your house stylist can, on the other hand, take on the ‘to do’ list. With his/her long list of contractors, from professional cleaners, to house painters, and roofing repair specialists, your house stylist can get quotes and supervise all work as part of the contract price if that is your wish. Otherwise, the two of you should come up with a list of work to be accomplished, and you should determine the time-line of such projects and get busy.

The next part of the house stylist’s responsibility is to come up with a plan for the actual staging of the home. This means creating a floor plan, selecting appropriate furnishings, having those furnishings, art, and décor delivered, and then setting it all up. (At the end of the contract period, these furnishings will be professionally removed so as to avoid damage to your property in the process – a big, big deal in the world of home staging.)

There are so many small details in the work of a house stylist that they are difficult to list here. Their work is as much about market data and inside information about the pool of buyers you’ll be trying to attract, as it is about the artful decoration of your home. For example, one huge factor in the development of winning home styling is the use of light.

Lighting within your home is one key to making buyers fall in love with the property. We don’t often think of light as a resource we can use to our own advantage, but it is. Window treatments or lack thereof, artificial lighting sources, even the sort of light bulbs one uses can make or break a home sale, so it pays to bring in a stylist who has the experience to know and understand the importance of this, and other, such resources at your disposal.

Because they should have a firm handle on these facts, the choice of the third, indispensable member of your sales team should be done with great care. Select a home staging company with a solid reputation and lots of experience in the Sydney area. This gives your team an immeasurable edge over the competition – and ultimately, it will all be about measuring your home against the others on that ‘must see’ list buyers always create. Your home stager will either move your home to the top of these lists or not. That’s the fact upon which your sale hinges.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, our professional teams of house stylists take the business of superiority very seriously. It is our goal to create superiorly styled homes without fail. Because we understand that you don’t have to take our word for it, we stand ready to put you in touch with previous customers who will, we know, give you glowing reports of our performance. Trust us with your home, and we will more than meet your expectations – call today.


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