If there is a decorating style that’s perfect for Sydney and the surrounding areas, it would be the breezy, beachy, yet classically sophisticated Hamptons style. Born in the United States on New York’s Long Island, the increasingly popular theme combines the simplicity of beach living with the ultra-chic, moneyed qualities of the people who have, for at least two centuries, made their holiday homes there. Sydneysiders have adopted the style as their own.

The timing for this trend is perfect.

The largest segment of the real estate market today is the group known as the millennials. These are people who came of age at the beginning of the 1990s through to the beginnings of the new century. This group of home buyers is significantly different in their tastes and their lifestyle choices than the baby boomers whose claim on the real estate market was eclipsed by the millennials only recently.

Where the boomers loved large, elegant surroundings with plush furniture and expansive lawns, the millennials are apt to choose compact, organised spaces. Because the millennial buyer has no wish to invest heavily in the trappings of success as it was previously defined, they prefer to spend their money on a lifestyle that includes travel to exotic places and an active lifestyle that involves adventurous activities such as parasailing and mountain climbing. The Hamptons style, with its holiday home flavour, meets the needs of the millennial buyer perfectly.

It’s for this reason that this particular decorating theme is gaining popularity among home styling or staging companies and their clients. The house staging business is built around the concept that a professionally designed and prepared home makes buyers, even those of the millennial variety, fall in love with a property quickly and so thoroughly that they are willing to spend much more than the asking price to make that place their own.

A not-so-well-kept secret in the real estate trade is that selling agents also fall in love with well-staged homes. Because the homes go a long way toward selling themselves, the astute real estate agent will show a beautifully staged home more often than average others. While the average home will spent from 60 to 90 days on the market, a professionally staged home will usually sell within the first two weeks. Naturally, the savings associated with a quick, high-dollar sale speak for themselves. Everybody walks away from the transaction happier.

With staging companies popping up like mushrooms after a warm, spring rain, it could be difficult for you to choose the best property styling service provider. May we suggest that in this, as in other human activities, it’s best to follow the recommendations of others you know that have used such a service. If you don’t happen to know anybody who has had their home styled, ask the firms you interview for references. Just don’t settle for the reviews posted on their websites.

Such reviews are often bought and paid for. Positive reviews, like just about anything else, can be purchased on the internet and are often used by companies who don’t have a long list of happy customers to speak up for them. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we put you directly in touch with our happy clients. We will be delighted to give you the phone numbers of a list of people whose experiences with our professional team are genuine and (we add modestly) simply glowing.

With decades of experience as members of sales teams, our services have earned us a sterling reputation. It’s that reputation of which we are so proud, that we lay on the line each time we take on a new client. We cherish our standing in Sydney’s real estate world, and would not compromise it. That alone makes Urban Chic Property Styling the go-to staging company in the Greater Sydney area.

Whether you want the magnetic look of Hamptons style, or something edgy and ultra-contemporary, Urban Chic Property Styling has you covered. When you’re ready to list your home for sale, call us first. You’ll be glad you did.

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