It goes without saying that the goal of every home-seller is to sell their property for top dollar, but sometimes we forget that the speed of the sale counts as well. If a house languishes on the market for months after it is listed the expenses add up. In our real estate market, home stylists Sydney tell us that the speedy turnover of property is just as important as that final sale price.

When a homeowner lists a property without jumping through the hoops of proper presentation, a home may lack style and pizazz. It may be destined to become just one of thousands of homes on the real estate market in and around Sydney that doesn’t take a very assertive role in selling itself. While it sits vacant, the mortgage payments don’t stop. The utility bills continue to come in like clockwork. Owners continue to pay for water, insurance, strata fees, council rates etc, and those costs mount up over time.

If your house is on the market for three months, which is the average time for the standard non-staged home to remain on the market, your expenses can easily surpass the relatively small investment you might have spent in the beginning to have your property professionally styled for sale.

Property styling is an investment that has proven to pay off for Australian home-sellers. It pays off so well, in fact, that these days real estate agents urge their vendors to make the investment in styling long before the first prospective buyer sees the home.

The concept of property styling, or home staging as it is sometimes called, used to be reserved for the very wealthy, or for developers who use “display homes” to sell other dwellings in their subdivisions. Now, however, thanks to the extraordinary results of home stylists Sydney may be called the home styling capital of Australia.

The results can be stunning. Not only do well-styled homes sell quickly, they also earn much bigger price tags.

The reasons why Australians stage their homes are obvious. But the ‘whys’ of the process are, perhaps, not so clear.

The fact is people don’t shop for homes the way they used to. Now most prospective buyers have seen hundreds of homes online before they even contact an agent, which means they have eliminated the vast majority of those they have viewed on websites. In order to sell a home in this new real estate market, your home must have a WOW factor that out-wows the rest. That’s where a really good professional home stylist comes in.

That, as it works out, can be the most difficult decision. In the past months, property styling firms have been popping up like mushrooms in the Greater Sydney area. Naturally, this makes the decision about which company to choose difficult. Like choosing a surgeon or a lawyer, you need to rely upon your instincts or referrals from others.

You want to be as confident about your home stylist as you are your selling agent. Ask around. Your friends, coworkers and other people you trust have probably heard about our quality services. If they have not, or you need further persuasion, we will be delighted to provide you with the names of satisfied customers who are eager to tell you about us.

We are proud to report that our reputation precedes us. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we’ve been on the cutting edge of our field for many, many years. Before we were home stylists Sydney, we were real estate selling agents in this same area. So we don’t just know and understand the market and the area, we also have experience that goes far beyond the question of which cushion to use where. Call us today to discuss our styling packages and plans and learn why homes we’ve staged don’t linger long on Sydney’s real estate market.

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