Gone are the days when selling a house was a simple, straightforward project. A few decades ago, selling a house simply meant putting up a “for sale” sign in the front yard and waiting for the knock on the front door. Today, selling a home has become such a complicated and challenging task that homeowners need an entire team of professionals to accomplish the sale. In 2017 one needs a real estate selling agent, a specialist in property presentation Sydney and more than a little courage.

When we read news stories about the real estate market in and around Sydney, we are likely to end up trembling in our boots and wondering if we can actually pull off a sale. While it’s absolutely true that the Sydney market is much bigger and more dynamic than we might have guessed possible, we are also blessed with consummate professionals to help us navigate the waters of this tumultuous segment of Australia’s economy. Selling your home doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed.
In truth, and unlike the property of yesteryear that did not have to compete in a more global marketplace, your home has to be ready to face three big obstacles in order to sell.

The Internet

Today’s home shoppers begin their search for a new home online. Over 90 percent of home-shoppers start by perusing the listings without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. The internet images available online serve to winnow away the vast majority of homes for sale and leave buyers with a list of 10 or 12 interesting homes they actually want to view in person.

The Open Inspection

By the time your buyers actually telephone a real estate selling agent, they have viewed and eliminated hundreds – perhaps thousands – of listings. They have a fairly good idea of what’s available at what price. They have probably chosen a neighbourhood and have narrowed the search down to just a few likely properties. So, if you’re lucky, it may finally be your turn to WOW the buyers with your home.
Statistics prove that buyers make buying decisions within seconds of entering a home. The buyer either falls desperately in love with your home, or scratches it off the list of possibilities in the first moments of the inspection.

If you’ve had the wisdom to include an expert in the business of property presentation Sydney on your team, your house may breeze right through this test. A really good home staging company knows precisely how to make your home look irresistible to buyers. (Actually, the best stylists can make a home look so good that the owners want to move back in.) If the love affair between buyer and the property blossoms in those first minutes, you still have the building inspection to contend with.

The Building Inspection

Of course, even though the emotional connection between your home and the new buyers may be a solid one, there are still some ‘due diligence’ issues to be addressed. Naturally, your buyer wants to know that the home meets certain standards. Will the roof withstand another five or 10 years? Does the fireplace work? Are the plumbing and electric systems adequate?

Unfortunately, this is where many home sellers get into trouble. A professional building inspector can surprise a homeowner with lots of little problems about which he knew nothing. When the building inspector is called in to verify the condition of the property, it can be a deal-breaker.

Fortunately for the wise seller who enlisted the help of a really good home staging professional, these little surprises are found and mitigated before the tour begins. Your stager will give you a heads up about any issues that present themselves. Because an experienced stager, like an experienced real estate selling agent, deals with properties day in and day out, they recognise the symptoms of serious problems and will advise you about them long in advance of that first open inspection.

Planning for these three trials ahead of time with the help of a professional at property presentation Sydney, you can avoid disappointment, stress, and unexpected upsets in the selling process. By having the right team members in place to advise you, you can take the fear and uncertainty out of the equation, making your home sale a breeze even in today’s tumultuous real estate market.

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