Bridging the Generation Gap
Who lives in St George? Everybody. With its beachy lifestyle and its astonishing array of food, fun, and cultural attractions, the St George area truly has something for everyone. Some suburban areas of Sydney call out to members of one niche or another within the real estate market, but St George seems to have all the bases covered. From families bristling with children to empty-nesters looking for a place to live out their golden years, St George calls to all of them – making property styling St George a bit more complicated than it might be elsewhere.
Property stylists’ lives are always challenging. Their job involves reading the tea leaves, consulting the oracles (and Google) and then selecting a colour scheme, a theme, and a set of furnishings that will appeal to buyers who are most interested in a particular sort of property. These professionals make it their business to know and intimately understand which buyers like what in terms of art and architecture, and stage the homes entrusted to them accordingly. If the house is blessed with an expansive yard and the perfect craft room, they are apt to dress it up to appeal to the baby boomers – once, but no longer, the largest segment of the real estate market.
If the home is outfitted with energy efficient appliances and insulated to the max, chances are it will grab the attention of the newly anointed kings and queens of the buying market – the millennial buyers. These folks, who came of age in the past 20 years or so, are poles apart from their parents in terms of what they want their home to do for them.
Baby boomers see their home as an investment – a bank, if you will – the millennial sees a home as a different critter entirely. The millennial lifestyle appears to involve living more in the moment. This group enjoys an active lifestyle and could be called adventurers. Their home is a place where they live and store their gear until the next mountain climbing expedition comes along. (We exaggerate only slightly.) These folks want to wring every drop of excitement they can from life and they expect their home to work hard at saving money for them while demanding little in terms of maintenance and time-consuming chores.
The millennial buyers are not careless or unconcerned for the future. In fact, they are the movers and shakers who have inherited Australia’s economy. They simply have a different system of priorities that demands added value in every investment so that they might better support their adventuresome lifestyle.
Property styling St George is a trickier business than it might appear at first glance. It demands a well-seasoned professional who knows how to balance high housing costs with the millennial buyer’s dreams of a fantastic future. Unless your home stager has dedicated much time, research, and energy to generating this precise alchemy, the sale of your St George property may not meet your expectations.
The sale of your home is, most likely, the largest business deal you’ll ever initiate. It stands to return every bit of money you’ve put into your home and much, much more. Your goal should be to prepare it carefully then sell it for more you’d ever imagined.
Statistically, those two steps in real estate sales go hand-in-hand. Most real estate selling agents say that proper staging of a home can increase the sale price by a substantial sum over the asking price. This increase is made possible by investing in the services of the best property styling St George professional you can find.
At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have specialised in successfully dressing homes in the St George area for optimal sales for many years. Our experience in the real estate selling and property styling St George makes our know-how extraordinarily valuable to sellers in this special area. If you want top-dollar for your home, you must employ top talent. That’s us. Call us today and give us the opportunity to make your home sale a memorable one.

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