Bring on the Hot Buttons

These days in and around Sydney conversations among home sellers almost always include the question, “Who was your home stylist?”

The selection of the best possible home stylist as you prepare to sell your home in the 21st Century has become nearly as important as who your real estate selling agent is. That’s because the real estate world now has a solid and reliable partnership with the home styling industry..

Home styling, or property staging as it is also called, isn’t new. For decades savvy real estate agents and property developers have been bringing stylists in on their big projects to create “display homes” for community developments and apartment complexes. By ‘dressing’ an example or display home, the prospective buyer gets a feel for how a set of walls, ceilings, and floors might work for them and their family. In just the past 10 years or so, however, the home styling industry has exploded to include individual homes and apartments. Why? Because a styled property is a property that sells – and generally sells for more.

When property sellers opt to spend a little money on ‘staging’ their property prior to listing, the sale goes much faster. More home sellers are also beginning to see the sale of their property as the business deal it really is. The idea may be born of a need to have more space, or to move out of the city, but ultimately selling your home is all about turning your investment into cash. It’s probably the biggest financial transaction you’ll ever be involved in, so why not make it as profitable as you possibly can?

The internet is practically overflowing with advice on home selling and the common thread in the global real estate industry is that staging cannot and should not be ignored. It is the single most important thing you can do to make your biggest investment pay off, according to real estate industry gurus worldwide.

To make matters even better, albeit more confusing, is the fact that staging companies are sprouting up on every corner. Selecting your home stylist can be challenging at best. As it is with selecting any artistic professional, your best course of action is to seek out a company with extensive experience, excellent reviews, and, if at all possible, a background in real estate sales. A former selling agent knows the language and the motivation that excites buyers. A former selling agent, who also studies up-to-the-minute data about your target market, is even better.

An old marketing adage goes something like this, “The less money you have to spend on marketing, the more you must know about your buyer.” This is especially true when your target market is essentially inundated with attractive properties to rival your own. The competition in the Sydney area is ultra-keen. Your property must be flawless if it is to win the attention of your buyer. Fortunately, there is Urban Chic Property Styling.

At Urban Chic, we study the Sydney real estate market tirelessly. We know what colours your buyer likes, what his or her interests are likely to be, how many children he or she has, and how many more a couple hopes to have. Because we know your buyer so intimately, we know what his or her “hot” buttons are. Best of all, we can bring many of those hot buttons with us when we transform your property from just ‘another property for sale’ to ‘THE house for us’.

With furnishings, art, and décor to set the mood and the expertise to make all of your home’s special amenities take centrestage, our experienced home stylists welcome the opportunity to be part of your sales strategy. Call us today for a consultation.

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