If, while staging your home to sell, you invest your entire budget on, say, a kitchen renovation, you may wonder if you should have spent some of that wad of cash in the bathroom. Decisions like the one to invest in one room and not another are best made with the help of your home stylist. You can rarely go wrong with a big kitchen but that doesn’t mean you cannot still make your bathrooms sparkle. With a few dollars and some change, you can still make your bathroom very respectable.

We often say that creativity is the least expensive and most impactful tool at your renovation disposal. At the risk of sounding cliché, we must repeat – think outside the box.

Here is a list of little projects that can give your bathroom a whole new look at less than the cost of dinner and a movie.

Change the Cabinet Hardware

A trip to your local hardware emporium, or an hour spent online at a virtual one, will reveal an amazing array of clever, colourful, and downright inspiring drawer pulls and handles for your bathroom. The only rule here is to choose something that goes along with your bathroom’s overall theme. Perhaps a very nautical bathroom will not appreciate delicately painted floral pulls, but a set of cup drawer pulls decked out in one of the colours you’ve chosen for the bathroom will look astonishing. (We’re thinking navy pulls against white cabinetry….or perhaps brass to match your tapware?)

When staging your home to sell, you need not be a master of carpentry to ace the project. Just be sure that the screw placement on your new pulls matches what you already have. That’s really all you need to pull off the switcheroo. Oh. Yes. And perhaps a screwdriver.

Change the Window Treatment

If you have a window that’s placed in such a way as to require covering it, consider using one of the new window film products that are so popular today. You can simply go with a frosted film that makes it impossible for anybody to see inside your bathroom or, if you’re feeling a bit bolder, consider a stained glass look. Simply pick colours that harmonise with the colour scheme you’ve chosen for the bath and apply the film. It’s not rocket science – and it will give you wonderful results buyers will appreciate.

Your other options are window blinds or sheers that lend privacy while letting the light in.

Pick a New Mirror

You might be surprised at the way a different mirror can give your bathroom vanity a totally new look. We tend to think of bathroom mirrors in terms of large rectangular mirrors, but there is no rule against other shapes.

A beautiful framed mirror that enhances the overall theme of your bathroom can make the entire room pop. If one is good, two is better, particularly if you have a dual sink configuration.  Add a wall sconce or two and “presto chango” you have a chic bathroom for less than the aforementioned night out with your partner.

Plus – don’t forget other reflective surfaces. Reflective wallpaper on one feature wall can add new depth as well as giving your space a larger feel. Employ that creativity – staging your house to sell is all about ingenuity.

Add Clever Storage

There is never enough storage in a bathroom. At first glance, you may not see any available space to add a storage unit, but look up. No. Really. Look up. There is usually space on the otherwise useless wall above the toilet that can be mustered into service with just a little help from your muses.

Adding one of the many trendy shelving units specially made for this space can improve your storage situation and add a touch of class to any bathroom. Think in terms of cubbies or baskets for towels or tissues, and you’ve got a winning solution to the storage situation.

A little creative thinking can go a very long way in sprucing up an otherwise ordinary bathroom. If your creative juices are all dried up from other duties around staging your home to sell, give your stylist a chance to strut their stuff. You may be surprised at what happens.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of WOW Design.

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