When people think of professional property styling services, they sometimes imagine someone who has the talent of both interior decorator and floor refinisher who can work miracles on the décor of their home before it is listed for sale. You pick up the phone and ‘poof;’ an architectural fairy godmother arrives at your house and, waving a wand, he or she makes your home ‘move-in ready’ for the buyer by uttering a single “Bibbity, bobbity, boo!”.

We have seen home stylists in action and can attest to the magical transformations they can accomplish, but usually there is lots of hard work involved for both the home owner and the stager. There are almost always repairs to be made, walls to paint, and carpets to clean. The upside is that amazing things really can happen to your house when you call in the big guns to help you prepare your home for sale.

Probably the best thing about property styling services is that, being immersed in the real estate industry, they see possibilities and options to increase the value of your property where you only see a tired old cracked driveway or a family room floor in need of recovering. Your property stylist thinks in terms of possibilities.

Even better, and lots more profitable for homeowners, is the stager’s knowledge of new and exciting trends in construction materials and methods that can give your (insert problem area here) a whole new look for far less than you thought and will increase your sale price dramatically. Property stylists are in the business of maximising your bottom line.

Property stagers do this by virtue of their constant attention to the study of home buyers and their hopes for the perfect home. Once your home stylist has had the opportunity to tour your home and make a list of work to be done, the transformation can begin.

In some cases, the work could be as simple as a coat of paint inside and/or outside. Perhaps it will mean repairing little things like the noisy bathroom exhaust fan or the garbage disposer in the sink. Occasionally, there will be other considerations. Perhaps your roof needs attention, or your deck looks uninviting. It may be that a few little changes can boost the original sale price in a big, big way.
Bringing in new eyes to view and evaluate your home can lead to a windfall on sale day. You see, property stylists also keep their fingers on the pulse of the building industry. They know what adding a deck will cost. They also know what such an investment will ultimately return to you when the home sells. These professionals can create a plan that will enrich your bank balance, and – as often happens – might even make you want to move back into your house.

The services of a home stager will vary in cost from one to three percent of the asking price of your home. The good news is that this investment will almost always return to you in the sale. Homes that are professionally prepared and presented generally bring from seven to 20 percent more than the asking price. The question of whether or not you need the services of a home stager is best asked this way: “Can I afford NOT to hire a professional stager?”

The bad news is that you will find property styling companies popping up on every corner in the Sydney area. These companies are fairly easy to find. The trick is finding one with the experience and the industry savvy it takes to perform at peak. The housing industry in the greater Sydney area is challenging and the competition is keen. How you go about finding the best property stylist will make all the difference in the end.

We suggest that you call Urban Chic Property Styling first. We have decades of experience and a long, long list of happy customers who can tell you that our property styling services are the very best to be found in New South Wales and beyond. We regularly surprise the housing industry with our elegant transformations and the big selling prices they achieve. We stand ready to help you make the most of your real estate investment. Call today.

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