Like almost everything else in life, the coronavirus pandemic engulfing the world has impacted the Sydney property market. New regulations imposed to control the spread of COVID-19 have made selling a home a little trickier, but not impossible. But Yes, you can still sell your home during Coronavirus / COVID-19.

As our business is in property styling (or home staging as it is also known) we have implemented measures to advise our clients safely and to move furniture and decorative items in and out of vendors’ homes hygienically and applying social distancing rules at all times. Your real estate agent will also have put new measures in place to sell your home.

While the property market continues to operate, the safety and health of all persons involved in the selling and buying process needs to be of paramount concern. New government rules now limit all gatherings to a limit of two persons so the property market has had to rapidly adapt and virtual tours of homes, private inspections and online auctions are suddenly the norm. You can also sell via private treaty too, as before.


sell home during corona


There’s a ban on ‘on-site’ and ‘in room’ auctions so how can my agent auction my home?

For the duration of the coronavirus crisis, auctions will continue to be held online. Prospective buyers can still register to bid at an auction, then place their bids by phone or online.


How will people inspect my home while it’s on the market?

Selling agents are producing walk-through videos so buyers can inspect a home virtually, then if they wish to visit a property in person, they need to arrange a private inspection through the selling agent. If a couple both need to inspect a property, the selling agent needs to take them through the home one at a time.

online auctions for homes

Will allowing inspections increase the risk of my family contracting coronavirus?

According to the government, as long as all recommended measures including social distancing and hygiene are observed it’s safe to organise private home inspections. We suggest disinfecting all ‘high-touch’ surfaces such as door handles, light switches and taps before and after each inspection and leaving a bottle of hand sanitiser in a prominent place near the front door.

Speak with your selling agent to ensure that inspections are as safe as possible for all parties. For example, you may ask your agent to ensure that potential buyers do not touch any surfaces or open cupboards while they are in your home. You could also insist that both the agent and the potential buyer wear a surgical mask while they are indoors.


What about moving house during COVID?

More than ever, we recommend that you move out of your home while the house is on the market. We have our own moving vans and removalists to style your home with furniture and stylish accessories from our own warehouse and will ensure that no more than two people are in your home at any one time.

When your home is sold and you are ready to move into your new home that will also be okay. Removalists are considered an essential service and are still operating. Check your removalist’s website to ensure the company is complying with social distancing measures and is offering a “no contact” moving service where homeowners are restricted from helping with the loading and unloading process.


What happens if we are moving interstate?

While movement between states is largely restricted at this time, removalists and residents are able to apply for passes to cross borders. Be prepared, however, to go into self-isolation for a period of 14 days  (during which time you will have plenty to occupy you setting up your new home!)

The coronavirus situation is currently fluid, with no definitive end in sight, but we are ready and waiting to style your home so it shines in those walk-through videos. The property market may be adapting but expert property styling is as important as ever to ensure you snare a buyer (and the best possible price) for your home. Contact us today to see how we can do this safely and securely.

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