Last year, the Western Suburbs became the focus of people around the region. When listed their livability ratings for the Sydney area, the Western Suburbs scored highly. Part of this surge is due to the emergence of places such as Parramatta as growing and vibrant central business districts, or CBDs.

Domain focused on 16 attributes that people generally think about when they are considering a good place to live and raise a family. Among those attributes studied was access to transportation, parks, schools, open space, tree cover, as well as access to shops and restaurants. Also measured were the things that most of us find to be negative components of a suburb location including crime and congestion.

We say all of that to tell you this: now is a great time to put your Western Suburbs property on the market to sell. If you’ve considered selling your current home in order to take a step up doing so now could net you a sizeable return on your investment.
The Western Suburbs are very desirable to the young home-buyers we call millennials. These upwardly mobile buyers are looking for the best deal they can find on a place where they can stretch out a bit and enjoy a more simplified life.

Millennials are the largest group of home-buyers in today’s real estate market. They have surpassed the baby boomers significantly, and are looking for surprisingly different attributes than their parents. Where baby boomers wanted large lawns and fairly grand surroundings, the millennials are interested in efficiency. They work hard. They play hard. Plus, more so than other market segments, they want to keep as many of their hard-earned dollars as possible.

These buyers have been saving their money for years in order to buy a home. They see a piece of property as an investment for which they expect a large return somewhere down the lane. These are astute buyers who can be difficult to please. If they make an investment, it’s carefully qualified first. In other words, you may have to go a few steps further to make a millennial sale.

The rough road to having a millennial buy your house begins online. These buyers will pore over the online real estate listings for weeks or even months before they find even a few houses they ‘must see’. The remainder falls by the wayside. As a seller, you should read this to mean that unless you have a pretty spectacular set of listing photos and the right price, you might not capture the millennial’s attention. Listing photos can make or break the sale.

A property’s listing photos should not depict a cold, vacant property. Instead, your home will capture more attention if the rooms are furnished tastefully. This styling involves art, area rugs, furnishings, and even a few pieces of ‘eye candy’. The millennnial buyer is keen on finding a house that will fit his or her own ambitions. When a millennial couple looks at a house, they see themselves entertaining colleagues in that space. It must look more than just okay. It needs to look “successful”.

They are less interested in working in the garden than in having a beautiful, well-appointed home that does not require spending much time and energy keeping it up. Your millennial wants to be free to spend weekends surfing or paragliding, not pruning the roses. (You need not uproot your roses to capture the attention of a millennial, but you might be wise not to feature the rose garden in your listing photos.)

The secret to selling to this new and different group of buyers is to know all about them. This is precisely why we recommend bringing in a reputable home styling company at the front end of your selling adventure. Those who make their living making property styling Western Suburbs decisions every day know what the millennial is looking for. They spend much money and time discovering what makes these buyers (and all the rest, as well) tick.

By investing heavily in research, the home styling industry makes it possible to dress your home in a way that a millennial can’t resist. Property styling Western Suburbs means moving your property from great to insanely, wonderfully, epic.

The extra mile in real estate today means investing in creating a home that new buyers cannot wait to live in. An excellent property styling firm is equipped to do this with everything from sofas to book-ends that are designed with the millennial buyer in mind. This is the reason selling agents keep property styling as a priority item to keep themselves busy selling houses. It works.

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