One of the secrets to making your home more attractive to buyers is expanding the living areas to create a more spacious feeling home. This can include tough jobs such as converting an attic to an office or easier jobs such as replacing bulky furniture with pieces that better fit the scale of the rooms. Of course, house stylists Sydney tell us that this particular secret can backfire on unsuspecting homeowners when they attempt to do the job themselves. When it comes to maximising the value of the biggest investment you’ve ever made in order to generate the highest return possible, it helps to have a trained professional on your team.
Take, for example, the humble backyard patio.

You and your family may have been enjoying your patio for years but the concrete slab on which the ‘outdoor room’ has its foundation is now cracked and has weeds growing through. You might opt to simply kill the weeds or you might call in a concrete refinishing company to fix the problem. Either of these solutions will work to one degree or another. If you have a hired a team of house stylists Sydney, however, you may find more and better options to optimise your outdoor living space.

In terms of concrete and its usefulness, there are many solutions to a tired-looking slab. Beyond patching the cracks and repairing the crumbling corners, today’s concrete professionals can help you transform your patio into an upscale outdoor room with the look of expensive stone using concrete stamping techniques. Perhaps staining the original slab with a new colour treatment that quite literally brings an indoor feel to your outdoor oasis is the answer. Maybe you’ll just want to repair the cracks, then stencil the entire slab yourself, to make it look like paving brick. The point is that you have more options than you might imagine.

Of course there is an expanding array of ways to use concrete. Today, using concrete for kitchen or bathroom countertops is an increasingly popular way to put an inexpensive material to work. It need not look industrial. As we’ve said, through staining, stamping, tinting, or stencilling techniques, plain concrete’s image has changed.

You can also use concrete to build an outdoor kitchen within your patio living area. With the help of somebody who can build the forms and pour the concrete, you can add thousands of dollars of value to your outdoor space. Add a fireplace. Make a fire pit. Concrete is a great multi-tasker.

Concrete is adaptable to many other uses in your world. As you prepare your home for listing, take a long look at your driveway, your pathways, and even your doorsteps. Any of these may be in need of refurbishing. Concrete offers a multitude of practical and utilitarian functions that can improve and enhance your outdoor space as well as increasing your home’s street appeal. Beyond that, concrete can adapt itself to uses you might not ever have considered in your wildest dreams.

When the time comes to prepare your home for sale, don’t limit your options. Recognise that bringing in new and expert ideas can make your job easier and your sale far more lucrative. Preparing your house for sale by yourself can, in the end, cost far more than hiring help. Why take that chance? By including a team of professional house stylists Sydney, homeowners can look forward to better ideas and bigger profits in the real estate game. Allow the real estate pros to help you find creative answers to your home styling problems.

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