Now that the world has caught on to the profitable practice of home staging, there seem to be home styling companies cropping up on every corner. This is particularly true here in the Greater Sydney Area where robust property values spark keener competition. Today, the first thing your real estate selling agent will urge you to do before you sell is to hire a reputable staging company that also offers furniture styling Sydney.

Selling a home in Sydney is big business. It’s no wonder that your agent wants your home to have every possible advantage. In order to bring top dollar, Sydney homes and apartments must be professionally prepared right down to the books on the shelves and the candles on the table.

Before you baulk, thinking that a big, unexpected expense is not exactly what you had in mind, understand that most home staging projects more than pay for themselves when all is said and done. A professionally staged home often sells for more than the asking price. Not only that, but professionally staged homes sell faster.

The average number of days on the market for the average unstaged or poorly staged house is 90 days. Data from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals tells us that professionally staged homes usually sell within 11 days. When you consider the cost associated with the extra days on the market, the price you pay for not staging your home can be significant.
Part of what makes home staging so lucrative is that the process is built around the psychological factors that go into home-buying decisions.

Scientists have determined that big buying decisions are made in the part of the human brain that is driven by emotion. We buy houses because we’ve fallen in love with them. The decision you thought was made based on what was financially practical was actually based on the heart.

When prospective buyers look at a home, they are less concerned with how close the property is to their work, but rather whether or not the place “looks successful”. When asked, buyers will tell you that they hope to have a home that makes them look as if they have managed to climb up the corporate ladder.
This, perhaps, makes it easier to understand why having beautiful furnishings in a listed house is so important.

Lest you rush out and hire any old staging company, understand that staging companies are not created equally. Many staging companies rely on outside vendors to provide furnishings. This means that what you see and contract for in your initial appointments with a stager may not be what you end up with.
When furnishings are provided by an outside vendor, furnishings come on a first-come, first-served basis. In other words, if somebody gets to the modular sofa you want before you do, you’re going to have to live with another.

As you shop for a staging company, do yourself the favour of contracting with a staging company that provides its own furnishings. Companies like Urban Chic Property Styling invest in their own furnishings so that clients won’t have to be satisfied with whatever is left. You and your stylist will select the furnishings, art, and décor that dynamically sets the stage for your house. You will get what you bargained for.

Furniture styling Sydney goes much further than supplying pretty furnishings, however. A really top-notch styling company also owns trucks and employs movers to install the furnishings in your house when the time comes. The reason is, the installation is as important to the impression as the style of the furniture. Your stylist will have carefully worked out the placement of the furnishings in order to make your house “look successful”.

When you are ready to list your home for sale, you’ll want the very best team of property stylists in your corner. You’ll want a team that knows and understands the psychological aspect of home sales, and has the tools to make your investment look like a corporate go-getter would be happy living there. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today. We’ll help you get the most out of your home investment.

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