When it comes to our job, house styling Sydney, the biggest problem that presents itself in nearly every home we evaluate is the matter of clutter. If only somebody could invent an aerosol product we could use to just spray away “stuff”.
We humans are funny about our stuff. We gather it, display it, treasure, and revere it. When we get more stuff than we know what to do with, we begin to rotate the old stuff out. Well, not OUT exactly. We store it in boxes, and then fill all possible spaces with those boxes. We stuff our boxes under the bed, and in the cupboards. By the time most of us are ready to move into a bigger, better house the new digs had better have an extra parking space or two in the garage for our….well, you know.
When you invite our home stylists into your home to look it over and make suggestions to spruce it up before you list it; prepare yourself. We’re going to suggest you get rid of your clutter.
Before you go off like a bottle rocket, understand that we know you love your stuff, but our job is to help you sell your house. The thing is, the new buyers need to see clean rooms and lots of space because they have their own stuff. When you bring in the experts from Urban Chic into your home, you do so because you want to get top dollar for your house. Getting the biggest possible return on your real estate investment involves putting on your buyer’s cap and that means doing some serious decluttering.
When you’re decluttering, rule number one is; if you haven’t used it in a year, put it in the rubbish heap or into storage. Stacks of papers and boxes of business documents, unless you’re keeping them for tax purposes, need to go. Allow each family member one tote-sized box in which to keep their special keepsakes and memorabilia. (Husbands and teenaged daughters may need close supervision in this process.)
Give outgrown toys, books, and bowling balls from another, more active era to charity. Ditto clothes that are gently worn. If you want to have a garage sale please do, but most of us who are in the throes of moving don’t have the time or the energy for such an undertaking. Better to give the stuff away to a good cause.
Kitchens and bathrooms are especially critical in the selling of your house. They are often at the very root of the buying decision. This makes it even more important to discuss what, if anything should be left in your kitchen when you show it.
If you have an expansive collection of vintage copper pots and utensils, these pieces may be something you want to leave visible. Your house styling Sydney specialist will evaluate it and let you know. Because your stylist is trained to look at your house through the buyers’ eyes, he or she is the one best qualified to know whether the collection will capture the attention of others in a good way. (Yes. You can capture the buyers’ attention in a bad way very easily – unpleasant odours, visible dirt, oh…and too much stuff, will send your potential sale scampering.)
It goes without saying that you want the house to gleam. If there is a piece of glass or a shiny surface, make sure it sparkles. If there is a cobweb, take it down. Make sure there are no crumbs on the kitchen counter and that the sink and stove are spotless. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Particularly if you’ve opted to stay in the home until it sells. Families don’t suspend their activities entirely just because a move to a new place is on the horizon. Some buyers can overlook imperfections. Most don’t, so brace yourself. You will be on constant fingerprint and smudge patrol.
If you want to make a stellar impression while allowing your family to remain unbound and not gagged, your best bet is to move first, then allow our Creative Director Juliana Gowen and her styling team to come into the old space to make it ready for buyers. Sellers who take this step find that the professional results accomplished by the house stylists Sydney from Urban Chic will more than make up for any inconvenience or financial outlay. Professionally staged houses sell faster and they often sell for more than the asking price.
After your decluttering is over, we recommend that you hire a storage unit in which to put your remaining stuff. After you’ve paid the monthly fee for a year or so, you’ll realise that the old stuff isn’t all that important and finally, fully dispose of it. Besides, you’ll have already been gathering new stuff at your new house from the moment you moved in. There will be no stuff shortage. We promise.

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