The global trend of working at home is here to stay. According to the sages of society, we humans have embraced the concept and become happily tethered to our houses. Those same wise predictors of our behaviour advise us to watch for a warmer, fuzzier place to call home. The trend is for softer in the world of furniture styling Sydney. We are cocooning.

We’ve learned that life is somehow better when we can avoid the traffic, noise, and stress of the daily commute. We enjoy being surrounded by softer, deeper sofa cushions and the look of textures and colours so deep and rich we can wiggle our toes in them. We LIKE being cosy. (Or we will when the trend fully settles in.)

Keeping up with the way Sydneysiders feel is becoming more important in the world of marketing of all sorts. When scientists finally confirmed what many of us suspected all along – that buying decisions are driven by emotion – the way products are pitched changed significantly. This change in strategy is in play in the world of real estate today.

Home stylists have come into their own in the past 10 years or so. It is very common for real estate agents to urge their clients to bring in a professional home stager to spruce the place up even before the listing photos are taken. Discovering the drama and romance in your house often means looking at it with new eyes. We are so used to seeing a white kitchen that a Wedgwood blue might never occur to us.
Enter the home stager. These wizards are part artist, part repairman, part architect and mostly amazing. When your stylist comes into your home for the first time with the tape measure and the notebook, you might wonder how this scientific-type could come up with warm and fuzzy. Fear not. The transformation – however it is to progress – will come off without a hitch.

The professional stager comes armed with so much information about what makes today’s home buyer feel good that a happy sale is a foregone conclusion. Because of the extensive research done by the home styling industry, your stager will be able to know precisely the colour for the bathroom, and what décor items should be used to adorn the bookshelves that will inspire buyers to actually buy.

When it comes to furnishing your “model home,” your stager will find clues in the asking price of your home, the location, and even the number of trees living on your block. Knowing the importance of these bits and pieces of information will tell your well-trained, experienced stager how best to proceed in creating an aura of success and comfort. The result will capture and hold the attention of prospective buyers. Making them feel cosy about your home is the key to successful cocooning.

Whether your buyer works from home, or is forced to venture out daily to earn bread, butter, and bacon, they will want a home that embraces them totally and gives them a sense of safety and security at the end of the day. These are the components of any good cocoon.
So, who do you choose to create an irresistible place for home buyers? As you search, understand that experience is the real key. A home staging company like Urban Chic Property Styling with stylists who are experienced in real estate sales is a perfect place to begin.

Other priceless attributes would be a company that owns an inventory of furniture and the trucks to haul and install it. Many staging companies rely on hiring furnishings from unrelated vendors – this takes the all-important feature of delivery out of their hands. (This is also how walls of homes for sale get holes knocked in them and hardwood floors develop nasty scratches.) You want experienced movers to do your installation.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we offer experienced stylists and quality furnishings we purchase and maintain. Our movers are well trained professionals who understand that they are part of a transaction that could make or break your financial well-being. We take your sale seriously.
We are at the top of the heap of home stagers and furniture styling Sydney and home sellers have been relying on us for many years to help make the sale. We can bring the concept of cocooning to life in your listed home. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. Call us today.

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