One point we repeat constantly here is that new paint is the cheapest way you can give your home a face-lift ahead of putting it on the market for sale. Interior walls and ceilings that are flawless, according to experts who work in property styling services, instantly lift the spirits of prospective buyers and give them an emotional boost.

The matter of colour choices is also an important factor. Colours have an impact on people. If you doubt this, go to any fast food restaurant and note the prominent colours red and yellow. Both of these shades inspire hunger. Police stations and hospital waiting rooms use green for its calming effect. And the list goes on.

We advise you to use neutral colours when you’re prepping a house for sale. We do this for a very good reason. Neutrals are a safe bet. Many people have an adverse reaction to bright, vibrant colours in large doses – save the big pops of colour for your throws and sofa cushions. The other factor is, when your new buyers visit the house for the first time, they will instantly note that it has new paint that they can live with for a while, even if it’s not their idea of gorgeous. (It also means they won’t have to paint before they move in – a definite plus.)

Once upon a time, home builders thought that the way to go neutral was to paint everything white. Dull. Dull. Dull. Besides all of that, white is not neutral. It’s big and bright and there’s nothing restful about it. Gray, on the other hand, has been gaining popularity on a global scale and is often a favourite of property styling services. Available in a thousand different values and hues, grays are sophisticated, warm, and leave you with all manner of options when it comes to accent colours.

Your walls don’t have to be bland just because they’re neutral. Go to the paint store and pick up some of the suggestion booklets and paint cards in your favourite shades. You will note that almost every colour family has a neutral cousin, from the aforementioned grays to warmer taupe, and mushroom/oatmeal shades.
These are all things you’ll want to discuss with your property stager once a plan is in place for your furnishings and decor. If you’re going for a Hamptons look, you’ll likely be accenting in big blues and ocean shades, so a pale soft blue that isn’t quite white may be your stylist’s suggestion. If, on the other hand, you want to go bold and contemporary with your furnishings, the colour choices may be quite different.

Your home’s architectural style may also dictate some of your colour choices. A Victorian home has a completely different personality than a mid-century modern, and taking that personality into account is something your home styling specialist does every day. When you’re preparing to enter into the biggest business transaction you may ever experience, it’s wise to understand that you may not have all the right answers, particularly when it comes to reading the minds of buyers.

People in the business of providing property styling services spend an incredible amount of time learning everything they can about your prospective buyers. Think of them as set decorators. They are setting the stage for your buyer’s ‘happily ever after’ and, because they know the script, they know just what elements must be put into place to complete the picture.

This inside information, talent, and expertise makes your design expert a critical part of your real estate sales team. You can trust your home stager to know precisely the colours that will help to sell your house. (Remember, you don’t have to love it. The buyer does.)

When you’re ready to sell your house or apartment, give Urban Chic Property Styling a call. Allow us to help you colour your house for a successful sale.

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