In the time you have lived in your house, you’ve worked hard to make it feel like your own. Every step along the way, you’ve added your own personal touches. The colour of the walls, the pattern on the tiles in the bathroom, even the placement of the plants in your house reflects who you are and how you think. Now that you’ve got it right, you have to move. How does one go about house styling for sale that actually works? How can you make your house appeal to people you don’t even know?

It’s all about finding common ground with prospective buyers.

Alas, the job is to put a fresh new face on your old house. You will need the help of a professional home stylist for this. There is nothing wrong with the way you’ve decorated your house. It was meant to please you and it did just that. Now your house must please another somebody who might not share your personal taste.

When it comes to house styling for sale, depersonalising a house is one of the very first things a home stylist needs to do. The goal is to transform the place into a more ‘universal’ kind of dream home. When your stylist is finished, your house will look like a totally different place – a place that appeals to a broader band of buyers.

Appeal is sometimes a difficult thing to pin down. In preparing a house for sale, a stylist is charged with a process that takes into account the income level of the people who will be considering the house, their likely education level, their lifestyle choices, marital status and their long-term goals. They gain this information through research and intense study of the various groups of buyers in today’s market to find and use those things that are agreeable to almost everybody.

While we are individuals, we still have certain tastes in common. Your home stager will make your house appealing to the biggest number of buyers possible by playing on those commonalities. The wall colours will be neutral, the furnishings will be welcoming, and the overall feel of the place will be extraordinarily comfortable. Buyers need to find a level of comfort and security in your house before they can even begin to consider it as a place to call home. It’s all part of the psychology of home selling.

That psychology is a part of home staging that many of us don’t think about. In the world of marketing anything from hair-spray to canned tomatoes, there is the need to “touch” the buyer. Buyers need to be able to imagine using your product and achieving the desired results. If your product is a tooth whitener or a running shoe, you’ll have to find a way to relate to the buyer on a personal level. Marketing a house is precisely the same.

Your stager will make your house feel like a place where buyers can imagine family dinners and quiet winter evenings. They will also work to give the place the feel of success and upward mobility since almost everybody wants those things. Ultimately, it will be the way the place feels that will do the selling.

If you are not a marketing professional you probably don’t spend much of your time each day identifying what excites a specific target market. Nor do you invest heavily in research to know which shade of blue makes people between the ages of 25 and 40 feel most relaxed. Those things are best left to your home stager. These professionals understand the significance of identifying with and catering to the buyer. That’s how houses get sold – on the strength of common ground.

When it’s time to begin the process of house styling for sale call in the best stager you can find. Choose a styling firm with a history of successful home sales like Urban Chic Property Styling. For decades, we have been transforming ordinary houses across Greater Sydney into dream homes. Because we do our homework, we understand the buyers and precisely what they are looking for. We make those dreams happen.

Image courtesy of Chaplins Furniture.

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