As you approach the business of preparing to sell your property, know that the shift in real estate sales practices have changed fairly dramatically in the past 30 years. Now, because buyers have access to exploration on the inside of your house via the internet and online listings, we are all firmly entrenched in the practice of property styling Western Suburbs as a serious sales tool.

Suburbs nestled in Sydney’s Western region have been touted as among the most liveable in the entire Greater Sydney area. Suburbs in the West have access to transportation, employment, entertainment/recreation and culture, all of which translates this way: if you’re about to sell your property in this area, congrats. You may be about to enjoy a big payday.

Property and housing in the Greater Sydney area is hot, hot, hot. It’s not news to you, we’re sure. In today’s market, a property that claims excellent value for the dollar stands a very good chance of luring those ultra-conservative millennial buyers. (Anybody born between1982 and 2002 is part of this, the biggest home-buying niche since the post WWII baby boomers.) This is excellent news for home-sellers in the more affordable outskirts of Sydney’s CBD. However, as mentioned above, there are some hoops to jump through.

The millennial buyer has an extremely conservative investment attitude. They like keeping their cash in slower, but safer, investments. Plus they do pack that cash away. They just don’t part with it easily or quickly. These investors saw the financial downturn in the early 2000s and saw how it impacted their baby boomer parents. This makes them extraordinarily cautious.
Because they are so careful with their money, millennial buyers are possibly the fussiest and most demanding buyers ever. That keeps sellers on their toes.

If you want to sell a home or apartment to the millennial buyer, you’d best make home maintenance and upkeep job #1. These younger buyers will want assurances that the systems in your home are up to snuff.
They don’t mind spending more money for a property, but they are finicky about knowing that it won’t require heavy investment in repairs anytime soon. It’s this penchant for spending cautiously that causes them to gravitate towards new construction. When they buy new properties, they have an extra bit of insulation from break-downs and failures that will dip into their savings. If yours isn’t brand new, your job will be to make it look reliable.

Not only are they concerned with plumbing and electrical systems that work well, they are also interested in making sure that the appliances in your home are energy efficient. They pay attention to those things that will save them money, even on a monthly basis.
Don’t imagine that these investors are cheapskates or penny pinchers. They are simply vigilant. They want to be good stewards of their wealth.

Along those lines, understand that they are looking for more from their homes than a place to sleep and grill hamburgers on a Sunday afternoon. According to those who are specialists in home styling Western Suburbs, these buyers want a home that speaks well of their achievement. When they see a home for the first time, they may well be imagining how the boss will be impressed when he or she comes over for dinner.
It’s this sense of pride in their station that marks these buyers as upscale. They are top-end buyers who can and will be impressed by property that screams quality. By spending the money necessary to make sure your property is perfectly staged and impeccably maintained, you’ll almost certainly capture the attention of these buyers.

As a seller, you will serve your own best interest by bringing in the best property styling firm possible. Such an addition to your sales team will make the entire process of preparing your property not just easier, but also more lucrative.

Statistics tell us that investing money in professional home staging not only makes your home sell faster – it will also garner bigger offers in the process. Who wants to turn down extra cash? Because of the nature of buyers, your investment in property styling Western Suburbs – or wherever your property happens to be – is one of those investments that pay off in a big way. When you’re ready to sell, call Urban Chic Property Styling.

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