Create a Coastal Kitchen Inland

House stylists Sydney are constantly being asked to create a beach house look in the tradition of the classic Hamptons style. More popular now than ever in and around Sydney, the sophisticated look and casual feel of a coastal kitchen really doesn’t need an ocean to look the part. It simply requires a bit of imagination and style to add coastal elements – the resulting sense of welcome and relaxation follows naturally.

The kitchen of a beach house has the look and feel of stress-free living. Some of the elements common to the popular look today are glass front or open cabinets, colour schemes in white and ocean tones, and low-maintenance finishes throughout. If these features don’t already exist in your kitchen, they can be added at minimal expense. Your home stager will let you know if such changes will pay off for you in the end.


A house by the beach wants plenty of natural light. If your kitchen is gloomy or lacking natural light, consider opening more window space. As we often say, light can be the best selling point a home has to offer, and in the kitchen it’s critical. (Of course, there are kitchens that simply cannot take advantage of natural light because of architectural limitations. These need additional sources of artificial light. Can these kitchens ever be considered coastal in nature? Ask your house stylists Sydney.)

When considering your current window configuration, remember that the incoming light is far more important than window treatments. Keep curtains and blinds to a minimum if you use them at all.

Wide Open Shelves

There is something charming about open shelving. It speaks of wholesomeness and suggests you have nothing to hide. It puts you, your family, and your guests at ease. Simple cabinetry painted simply or, better yet, with a pickled finish, not only helps to reflect your precious light, but also gives your room the feel of carefree holiday time.

Not all of your cabinetry has to be door-less. Nor does it have to be too matchy-matchy. Some of the most beautiful kitchens have a combination of pieces that have an ‘added on’ look. A kitchen island that looks as if it were an afterthought has a natural place in a coastal kitchen. You may want to have a few painted pieces that surprise the eye as well, but keep to your colour scheme so that, ultimately, it all appears to belong together. (Think barstools here, but don’t limit yourself too much.)


Concrete and limestone may be all the rage at present, but remember that you are not going to be using this kitchen. If you’re planning to replace benchtops and/or splashbacks, your house stylist Sydney can help you pick a mid-range but practical material that will appeal to home buyers and keep the coastal vibe going.

Entertainment Options

As you consider your coastal kitchen, make room for guests. If you have the space, create a breakfast bar or an island dining option to double-down on the casual feel of the room.


Natural-looking materials work best in a coastal kitchen. Weathered wood or smooth stone look the part and can be had at a reasonable price if you shop the new tile and laminate options. If you don’t have experience in laying tile, your stager will have suggestions for a good craftsman in your price range. Flooring is no place to scrimp in the budgeting process.

No matter what your budget, a really good house stylist can help to upgrade your kitchen. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have had decades of experience in staging homes to sell. House styling Sydney is our specialty and where our indisputable expertise lies. For a very reasonable price we can help you plan and execute a coastal kitchen that prospective buyers will find to be irresistible. When you decide to engage house stylists Sydney, consider our many years of hands-on success in making Australian homes into dream homes. Call us first.

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