Magically making the feel of space in small rooms takes a bit of know-how and plenty of creativity. We know that prospective buyers want more square metres for the dollars they spend, so giving them the biggest space we can muster is an important part of furniture styling Sydney. Home buyers, particularly those who are now moving into the suburbs, are excited by the prospect of more elbow room, which can be accomplished by selecting furniture appropriate to the job.

Consider the Scale

Nothing shrinks the size of a room quite like overly large furniture. Furniture without legs or that sports big, overstuffed arms and back can make the walls of even an average-sized living room squeeze in. In smaller rooms, select furnishings that have clean lines and a smaller footprint. Legs count. Furniture with exposed arms and legs looks considerably smaller and serves the same purpose, particularly when you are in the process of staging your house for sale.

Move it Towards the Middle

When you are dealing with a small room you can make it look larger by moving the furnishings away from the wall. This may seem counterproductive, but the space – even if it’s just centimetres – between the walls and the furnishings gives those who enter the sense that there is more than enough room to live elegantly. Naturally, there are exceptions. If the room you are styling is a bedroom, the bed will occupy wall space, but seating and framed full-length mirrors should not hug the wall closely.

Don’t Be Bullied

Just because you bought that bedroom suite complete with headboard, night tables, mirrored dresser AND a chest of drawers doesn’t mean you have to display them all in the same room. Think creatively when it comes to furniture styling Sydney. Stylists are trained to place the critical pieces – in this case the bed – then consider the other components of the suite carefully before placing them. Often they don’t even end up in the staged home at all but wait in storage for the move to the new house.

In a small bedroom, you may find that the bedside tables don’t fit the space with any room to spare. Sometimes, when you add lamps to the bedside tables, it can send a bedroom completely out of balance. In this case, look for less bulky tables and consider mounting sconces above them to pare down the look. There isn’t a rule about placing both the mirrored dresser and the chest of drawers in the same room with the headboard, either. When in doubt, less is better. If you must err, do it on the side of space. A master bedroom may have the space for all the pieces, but not all rooms are created equally.

Make Your Furniture Work Harder

By selecting furnishings that can do double duty you can make your furnishing adventure much easier. If you want a coffee table, select one that has space beneath it to place your books or other treasures you’d like to display. Or, you could also choose a table with seating components as part of the design which can be removed and used to accommodate unexpected guests.

Make the television wall work for you as well. If you don’t already own an entertainment unit, you can create one by installing shelving around the television, creating a space where necessary electronic equipment can ‘live’. This is also a great place to create a mini office by adding a table space and a chair for homework. Even if you don’t have a dedicated home office space, this arrangement will probably also catch the eye of today’s millennium real estate shoppers who frequently work from their homes.

When you are faced with the challenge of making a small room look larger, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Creativity in the way you use the furniture pieces you already have can save you time and money. Additionally, your prospective buyers will be treated to a bigger vision of your house because you used the best practices of furniture styling Sydney. Homebuyers are serious about wanting every last centimetre of space they can find in their future homes.

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