Planning to sell your house? Your Inner West property is well-situated to take advantage of the surge of millennial home buyers that are currently swarming around Sydney looking to invest in real estate. Millennial buyers are a different breed from their baby boomer parents. They also come with an entirely different set of wants and needs when it comes to housing. For this reason alone it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with somebody whose expertise is in property styling Inner West long before your property is ready to list.

One of the essential factors in marketing anything is to know your target market. Few of us have the time to embark on obtaining an education in real estate theory. Fortunately, your sales team, comprised of both your selling agent and your home staging team, has already done so. These professionals have invested much time and energy in study of today’s real estate buyer. Particularly in regards to the “must have” lists that the millennial buyers keep, your home stager has it committed to memory.

Among the things this target market insists on is a home that is ‘move-in-ready’. They don’t want to spend any time or money making the property ready for the arrival of the moving vans. Nor do they want to spend money on repairs – ever. Millennials tend to gravitate toward new construction because they know such properties won’t have any systems failures in the (average) six years they will be living there before moving on.

In order to sell an older home to a millennium buyer, it will have to be flawlessly maintained, beautifully staged, and ready to move into tomorrow. A tall order, we know, but we also know that if you’re willing to provide such a place, you’ll likely enjoy bountiful rewards. Millennials will pay up-front for maintenance savings later.

Property in Sydney’s Inner West has a good bit of attraction for today’s buyers. They prefer living close to work, having ample transportation options, and a lifestyle that isn’t complicated by household chores. For this reason, any little thing you can do ahead of time to make your property appear “low-maintenance”, the better.

One way to accomplish this is to consider upgrading appliances to newer energy efficient ones. This would include your air-conditioning unit as well. It may turn out to be a big expense, but in terms of millennial buyers, if it’s not up to snuff when they make an offer, it will be reflected in a downward adjustment in the offering price.
The more “must haves” your house or apartment can provide, the better it will sell, of course. But with these buyers, as said before, they will pay the price for the things they want. Your professional property stager will help you find ways to ‘suggest’ amenities. For example, setting one room up as a work-out room with weights and a piece or two of other equipment, the stager will have planted a seed in the buyer’s mind.

The same is true of creating a home office in the staging. Whether the new owner will use the room as an office will be up to them, of course, but actually visualising that option will tweak the buyer’s imagination and let him check the “dedicated office space” item off his or her mental list. Property styling Inner West homes and apartments calls for creative space making.
Small spaces are often part of the bargain a millennial will make for an apartment or home that meets most of his or her needs. The smaller your space, the more you will need the help of a home-staging professional. Making the rooms appear larger and more appealing is part and parcel of what these brilliant people do to make your property sell.

If your hope is to sell your property this year, you’re in luck. The buyers are out there and they are looking for a very special property. Yours can meet the needs of one of these millennial buyers, but the process is apt to take some extra steps. By bringing aboard professionals who know property styling Inner West, your property can compete successfully with newer construction. It’s a matter of creating a bit of millennial magic.

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