Changes are afoot. Sydney’s real estate market is making the turn from a seller’s market to one that favours buyers. This can sometimes mean downward adjustments in your sale price, going all out in your staging plans, and/or engaging a more upscale set of furnishings in your contract for furniture hire. Sydney is experiencing a change, but that doesn’t always mean the end of the real estate world as we know it.

If it seems to you that all the newspapers are full of grim real estate news and you also *think* you’ve seen a fleeting look of fear on your selling agent’s face in an unguarded moment, you may be right. It DOES seem as if there’s only bad news in the real estate section of the daily news. We guess that’s because we human beings aren’t big fans of change. (That may account for that flash of fear in your selling agent’s eyes.) Change is upon us and nobody likes it very much. Nevertheless we must cope.

If you’ve not yet chosen a real estate agent, look for somebody who’s been in the business long enough to see these market fluctuations before. The real estate market, like most other markets, is cyclic in nature. This has happened before. It will happen again. The changes we’re seeing today will require a shift in sales strategies and you want somebody in your corner who has more than one marketing plan up their sleeve.

Your home stylist should also have some longevity to fall back on. Stylists, by the very nature of the work they do, must be prepared for shifts in the status quo and be willing to embrace them. Buyers and their “must have” lists change all the time. Home stagers are like good surfers – their job is to be sensitive to the changes in the wave and be prepared to shift fluidly in response.

We don’t believe they teach that in Home Stylist School. Not all home stylists are fully prepared to recognise an impending shift in the market let alone perform the pivots necessary to stay upright. So, if you’re going to sell a home in this market, your choice in home stylists must include a company or a stylist whose history in the business involves decades, not months.

You might ask yourself how a home stager’s work could possibly make selling a house easier in a buyer’s versus a seller’s market.

When you find yourself in the fluffy, bouncy, wonderful world of a seller’s market, you can get away with doing less to prepare your home for sale. There aren’t so many houses for sale that buyers can be too choosey. The exact opposite is true in a buyer’s market.

In a buyer’s market like ours the number of homes on the market for sale is large enough to give buyers so many choices that they can take their time. They do just that. Eventually they pick the place that has more of what makes them happy – the one that has the right blend of style and furniture hire. Sydney buyers in this market don’t suffer much from FOMO, fear of missing out. A few months back, this fear caused many of them to snatch up the first place that came even close to their dream home. They now linger over their decision at a big cost to you.

In the real world of mortgages and associated fees, a drawn out selling process can eat voraciously away at your profit. You keep paying the price for having a house on the market and, in the insult to injury department, you must lower your price in the end anyway. Ugh. No fun at all.

When you’ve chosen a seasoned home stylist, you’ll find that all that experience translates as profit to you. This is because such a stylist can create FOMO even in a market like ours has become. An amazingly well-staged house complete with stunning furniture and incredible appeal will still be snapped up quickly. Such a house presents itself as a gem – a jewel to be seized quickly before anybody else knows it’s there.

If you want to overcome the obstacles of the recent changes in our real estate market, get yourself a seasoned selling agent, a crackerjack stylist with a bit of history and a whole houseful of furniture hire Sydney to make the entire picture irresistible. We suggest you call Urban Chic Property Styling to help you generate a bit of FOMO at your place.

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