If you have ever rented a house or apartment you know that you can invest a substantial amount of cash in the bond before you ever move in. In order to get that money back you know that returning the property in the same condition as when you found it is critical. In our visits with those who engage professionally in property styling for sale, we understand that the same kind of attention to detail makes all the difference in preparing a home for sale as it does when you’re attempting to redeem your rental bond. It hinges on the concept and definition of the term clean.

There is only one definition for this word. Clean is the absence of dirt. It sounds easy enough, but it’s easier said than done.

In order to achieve clean in a house that’s for rent or for sale, one must make a thorough inspection (with or without white gloves) from the ceiling to the floors. Here are a few places where dirt and grime can be successfully found and vanquished.

Ceiling fans: When you stand under a ceiling fan you see blades that revolve and a centre unit, usually one that provides illumination. Cleaning the parts that are on display won’t get the job done. The top of the blades on ceiling fans are usually covered in dust and grime. The airborne grease that travels from the kitchen is usually happily mingled with ordinary dust to create a nasty coating of yuck. Ceiling fans must be cleaned top and bottom with a grease cutting solution that can intervene between the grease and whatever else it touches. Usually, a good dishwashing detergent will do the trick. Don’t forget to clean all the glass globes and the housing for the lighting unit.

All other light fixtures need the same treatment. If your home has fluorescent light fixtures that are laid in as part of your ceiling structure, spend a bit of time to clean the plastic covers carefully to eliminate the aforementioned smoke, grime, and any wayward bug that may have ended its life there. Bug bodies in the ceiling lights do not equate with clean.

Corners: Cobwebs are those long sticky nearly invisible threads that gather dust and dander to them, creating a tangle of unsightly dirt. The sticky threads probably began as part of a spider’s web but were abandoned to float through your house until they found something to cling to. Somehow they seem to always find their way to a corner near the ceiling. That does not mean they don’t attach themselves to curtain rods or the walls themselves. Use a clean broom or other device to detach the cobwebs.
Wood Work: Window surrounds, skirting boards, and moulding strips gather dust and finger prints constantly. No house is clean until these pieces of eye candy are wiped clean.

Switch Plates and Outlet Covers: It’s worth the extra time and effort to remove all switch plates and outlet covers around the house and give them a good soak in soapy water. This will do a very good job of removing smoke stain which can be found in any house where cooking takes place. You can just spray and wipe them, but if you do, you stand the chance of leaving smears on the surrounding walls. If these plates are old and stained, spend the petty cash to replace them. When you are property styling for sale it’s important to know that these may be just little details, but they make a big difference.
Floor Corners: Dirt has an affinity to piling up in the corners around cabinets, appliances, fixtures, fireplaces, and skirting boards throughout the house. In our usual hurry to clean the floors, we sometimes allow a bit of dirt to remain there. Over time, this build-up grows and is, too often, cemented into place with floor wax. We don’t necessarily see it because we’ve grown accustomed to the sight.

Take whatever time it takes – get down on your knees and scrub this mess away. The end result may not look like much, but leaving the dirt where it stands completely un-does your hard work to make your home look clean and ready for new occupants. When you’re property styling for sale the cleanliness of the property is a huge factor, so eliminating all dirt is your goal.

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