Sydney’s Western Suburbs are stealing the real estate show these days as prices soar in the city. Because homes and apartments in the Western Suburbs are generally more affordable than in other suburbs, prospective buyers, particularly those in the market for an entry level-property, flock westward. If you’re planning to sell your property in this area, now is the time. With a little help from your real estate selling agent, some expert advice on property styling Western Suburbs, and some sensational photographs, you may find that your property will perform better than you ever imagined.

Buying property in the Greater Sydney area can be expensive – sometimes prohibitively so. More and more prospective buyers are looking to the surrounding suburbs for the home of their dreams at a price they can manage. The fact that transportation is finally readily available for commuters and the amenities of the communities in the westerly reaches of the city have their own special charm makes these neighbourhoods more and more attractive to the younger buyers who make up the largest segment of the global real estate buying market – the millennials.

The millennial buyer is not an easy sell. This group of buyers is very sure of what they want and are determined to get it at a reasonable price. They have generally researched well, and before they ever pick up the phone to call a selling agent, they have studied the listings and are ready to see just a few properties that appeal to them. This means that your presentation means everything.

If there is a suburb in the Greater Sydney area where unstaged properties sell well, it is definitely not the Western Suburbs. In the past, these areas have not enjoyed the best of reputations due to a higher crime rate and the difficult commute to jobs elsewhere. Today, these factors are changing as the communities evolve.

Nowadays, even though the price tags of houses and apartments in the Western Suburbs remain relatively affordable, the market demands a high-end look and feel in spite of the reasonable prices. If you want to get the best price the market will bear, having a professional who is gifted at property styling Western Suburbs is critical.

While some imagine that hiring a property styling firm to dress their home for success is something of a luxury, most people in the real estate world understand that the bar for presentation has been raised in the past few years. People expect far more from a home than some vacant rooms with fresh paint. Today, buyers expect to see a fully staged home with well-planned furniture placement, and enhanced amenities when they inspect a home that’s listed for sale.

They also expect that there will be little or no work necessary before they are able to move in. The millenial buyer is a very busy person. They work hard and value their free time. They are probably not going to want to buy a property with an existing ‘to-do’ list. Instead, these buyers are looking for a place that is ‘move-in-ready’. Fortunately, a well-trained, experienced home stylist can help sellers provide precisely what these buyers are looking for, for a fee that usually pays for itself.

The average cost for styling a home is from one to three percent of the property’s asking price. That might seem steep to some of our readers, but when one considers that a professionally staged property usually sells from 12 to 20 percent more than the asking price, the point becomes moot. Staged homes also sell faster. This means that the costs involved in keeping a home on the real estate market are nipped in the bud earlier, resulting in significant savings.

If now is the time to sell your suburban property, then today is the day to call Urban Chic Property Styling. When it comes to property styling Western Suburbs, we are the ultimate authority. We have been staging properties in the western reaches of Sydney for decades. We know what the buyers want, and we can help you find ways to deliver the goods without eating up the profits from your sale. We are successful because we provide the best possible service at the most reasonable price. Our happy customers will tell you that Urban Chic Property Styling is perhaps the best way to enjoy a higher profit on your real estate sale. Why would you settle for less than the best?

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