Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners

by | May 12, 2018

Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners
In Sydney home staging has become something of an art. Now that real estate selling agents freely advise all their sellers to have their properties professionally staged, the best looking properties on the planet may be found here. But, once the home is staged and prospective buyers and agents begin traipsing through the house, little problems can come up. From tracked-in lawn clippings to drain funk, these little issues can spoil the edge you’ve worked to create with your property. Here we’ve created a little list of Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind.
• Do make sure all your windows are crystal clear and shining. There is just something about a bright, light and airy room that helps to make a sale. Windows, when they are perfectly clean, can be one of your home’s best assets, particularly if you are blessed with a view of something lovely. Have your windows – like the rest of your house – professionally cleaned and be certain they look as good from the outside as they do the inside without smears or streaks.
• Don’t forget to let all that light created by your windows into the room: In most cases no window coverings are better than curtains and blinds that are tired, faded, or out of date. Before you paint, take the curtains down, fill the hardware holes and proceed with the painting. Your Sydney home staging expert will often suggest you leave the windows naked. If you just can’t bear to bare it all, put up a sheer swag to show off some style while still letting the glorious light shine in.
• Do put two lemons down your garbage disposal unit weekly: Lemon halves can sweeten up a nasty garbage disposal unit in a heartbeat. If you don’t happen to have lemons handy, put two cups of ice down the disposal followed by one cup of regular salt down the drain then turn on the grinding apparatus. If you do this regularly, you won’t have any problem odours in the future.
• Don’t let any of your other drains smell up your big business deal: Smelly drains in any room can signal problems to prospective buyers. Make it your mission to freshen them as often as necessary to keep them sweet and buyer friendly. Do the drains in all bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry. Pour in one cup of baking soda to keep the drains smelling fresh. Or try one of the commercial drain fresheners available in the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket.
• Do a weekly patrol: Once weekly, do a quick tour of the property yourself to be sure that it’s up to snuff. Patrol the yard carefully and pull any weeds. Water plants and, if you have placed fresh flowers inside, replace them with fresh ones. (This is a great time to check those drains, too.)
• Don’t neglect the entry: Your front door is the first impression of your house for prospective buyers. Be sure to sweep the steps and dust the door regularly. Also, clean dust and/or debris out of corners and window casings to keep the ‘Welcome’ theme working.
• Do check for light bulbs: During your weekly property patrol, be sure that all the light bulbs are working in every fixture and at every exterior door. As we’ve already learned, light is critically important not just for the beauty of your home, but also for safety.
• Don’t forget your broom and dustpan: A puff of wind or dew clinging to leaves can bring unwanted stowaway debris into the home. Even a few errant leaves can ruin your perfectly put together look, but a quick sweep of the entry and near the back door will keep your home looking it’s best for buyers.
• Do watch the weather report: A rain shower preceded by windblown dust can leave your picture perfect windows spotty and unattractive. Either call out the window washing crew immediately, or take a hose and a squeegee to the property yourself. Dirty windows are not just unsightly they make the buyer think of work to be done. Those thoughts are often followed by a mental reduction in the value of your home. You certainly want to avoid that.
Being mindful of your house after it is styled can make a big difference in the ultimate sale. Your Sydney property styling professional can help you with many more property dos and don’ts to keep your place looking top-notch. The good news is, according to statistics, professionally styled homes in Sydney, sell so quickly that the dust (if there is any) barely has time to settle.

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