When we talk about furniture hire, Sydney home sellers often confine their thoughts to the bits and pieces of furnishings that go inside the house. Today we’d like to talk about other options.

With the housing market in and around Sydney shifting to what we call a buyer’s market – one where the buyer has all the choices and, it seems, all the time in the world to make a decision – sellers need to employ every possible angle to sweeten the pot. To make your place stand out from among the many others available, you need to expand the options you’re offering.

In the past, we have sung the praises of outside entertainment areas. The best place to offer the value enhancement of more living space is often the deck and/or patio. Certainly the back yard is a place that can be used to add worth to your property. No matter how small that space is, it can be transformed into an attractive and formidable entertainment area with some careful planning, some furniture, and just a bit of creativity.

This is where furniture hire Sydney comes in. Home styling companies don’t always offer outdoor furnishing options, but you’ll be ahead of the game if you find one that actually does. Actually, not all home styling companies offer furniture hire at all. Once again, we would remind you that the closer you can come to a one-stop-shop, the happier you’ll be in the end.

If you choose a home staging company that also has its own furniture inventory and the moving vans and personnel to deliver and install the furnishings, you’ll find that the installation goes off without a hitch. On the other hand, if your stylist must rely upon Joe Furniture Vendor down the street to supply and deliver the goods, you can be awfully surprised. The key word here is awfully.

When you’ve carefully selected the furniture you want to display in your home for the most impactful presentation, it’s a low blow when you get something else entirely. This happens quite frequently when stylists have no control over the supplier of the furnishings. When your stylist has control of every last detail of the installation, you’re apt to avoid those unhappy surprises.

The same goes with outdoor living spaces, except that there are fewer walls to be damaged outside by novice furniture movers.

When your stylist knows that you want an inside/outside approach to your styling package, you can ensure a level of coordination that makes for a seamless look. It is that seamlessness that will seal the deal on added value. Your new extended living space will appear to have been part of the plan from the very beginning.

Today’s buyer is very interested in the expansion of living space, of course. It is a rare banker in this climate who will loan the money necessary for most buyers to claim their dream home. If the buyer must settle, they settle for the approximation closest to the goal. Obtaining that dream home, even on a much smaller scale, will trump just about anything else.

A well planned and executed outdoor living space can be the cherry on the top of your home styling sundae, but it requires some careful thought. Just as size and space dictates the scope and scale of your indoor rooms, the outside space can be overwhelmed by the wrong furniture. If yours is a tiny outdoor room, you need to choose furnishings that have the appropriate scale – otherwise it just looks like a hippopotamus in a tutu. Sometimes more is just too much.

When the time comes to plan your home staging, selecting the best styling company is THE most important choice you can make. By selecting a staging company that offers furniture — both inside and outside varieties — and makes delivery and installation part of the deal, you’ve eliminated a hefty portion of the potential for disaster.

When you’ve selected a company like Urban Chic Property Styling you have the best of all worlds. You have world class stylists and furniture hire Sydney home sellers have relied upon for decades. Why settle for less?

Image courtesy of Globe West.


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