Dress Your House for a Successful Sale
Real estate selling agents across Australia will tell you that your best friend as you approach the selling of your home should be home stylists. Agents know that the single most important step you can take toward selling your home for the highest price possible, and, possibly more important, to sell it faster is to employ a professional home styling company to “dress your house for success.”
You might be unfamiliar with this process unless you’ve sold real estate recently and it’s called home styling. Sometimes called home staging, home styling is all about making your house look ‘move-in-ready’ to prospective buyers.
People in this day and age are very busy. Looking for a new house is time consuming and tiring even though, today, the search for real estate begins in the comfort of the buyer’s home on the internet. Buyers pore through the thousands of homes listed for sale that appear on real estate sales sites long before they ever call a real estate agent. This means that unless your internet photos show a truly remarkable home, your place may never be inspected by buyers in person.
The homes that show best on the internet are the ones that have been professionally styled. As it works out, the homes that show best in person are also the ones that have been professionally styled. Here’s how it works.
When you call a home stylist, your designer comes to the property, takes careful measurements, looks at the condition of things like walls, floors, windows, window treatments, and what, if any, furniture you intend to use to ‘dress’ your property with. When the designer comes back, it will be with a plan.
The plan will employ classic strategies and list suggestions for making your property as attractive as it possibly can be to potential buyers. Home stylists do this by having an intimate knowledge of the preferences of buyers in your market. Through studies and in focus groups, stylists learn buyers’ favourite finishes for kitchen appliances, bathroom walls, and floors. They also learn about the buyers’ lifestyles, likes and dislikes. Armed with this information, your stylist can bring in everything necessary to stage your home in a way that will match the desires of the most potential buyers possible.
When the buyer walks into a professionally styled home, it appears to them as if he or she could simply sit down on the sofa and stay. This is particularly pleasing to the buyer. The colours are right. The finishes are right. The property seems to be well-maintained and so the buyer doesn’t have to fret over making an offer that deducts for things like HVAC repairs, or fixture replacement. For the buyer it feels like mission accomplished. Job finished.
To the seller, hiring a home styling company is to take much of the burden off his or her shoulders. A seller who is astute enough to hire a professional home stylist, will weather the storm of real estate transactions with all the hassles undertaken and accomplished by professionals who know what needs to be done – from painting to plumbing – and accomplishes it in short order.
Because home styling is coming into its own in the Sydney area, you can find many home styling companies with all manner of options. We suggest you find one that can, not just plan the arrangement of furniture, but also bring in the sort of furnishings and décor that work best with your particular home.
Look for a styling company with a large inventory of home furnishings. If they must hire the furniture elsewhere, it will end up costing you more, and create difficulty getting just what you want. The service you hire should also have their own fleet of delivery trucks and a team of very professional movers who can set up, and fetch back, the entire package without doing damage to your home or to the furnishings. (That by itself can be a huge saving.)
When you are ready to list your home for sale, and you are ready to call in professional home stylists, consider Urban Chic Property Styling. We had decades of experience in successful real estate sales before we began using our expertise for home styling and dressing homes for successful sales. Allow us to bring our experience, our décor, our furnishings, and our expertise to your home. You’ll be glad you did.

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