With plenty of outdoor activities, indoor arts, and culture galore, Sutherland Shire is one of Sydney’s most popular suburban areas. Because the region offers amenities that appeal to both the baby boomers and the millennium buyers, selling your home in the Shire may be easier than you’d imagined. Even though you seem to attract two enormous home-buying segments of the real estate market, your task can be complicated by the rare common ground these two groups share. Property styling Sutherland Shire requires a very deft hand when it comes to dressing a home for sale here – who do you target and how do you do it?

Fortunately for sellers in Sutherland Shire, real estate selling agents and home stagers in the Greater Sydney area have already solved these problems and understand the tricks and tactics to attract both of these very divergent buying groups.

While baby boomers are more traditional in nature and love having a big backyard to tend and the millennial buyer wants less maintenance and more free time to play, they both want a home that won’t eat up their savings. They both want to live well and within their means. This means that a home with savings built in can’t go wrong.

When you’re ready to prepare your Sutherland Shire home for listing, spend a little extra time considering the cost of owning the home you offer. The heating/cooling bills as well as the consumption of electric power are very important to both the millennial buyer and the baby boomer because both groups are generally conservative in their lifestyles. They may enjoy time out differently, but both groups are interested in conserving resources for the sake of the planet and for creating a healthy financial cushion in the bank.

Of course, you’ll want to discuss this with your home stylist and your selling agent, but after cosmetic and aesthetic repairs are planned, do consider ways in which you can improve your home’s energy and resource efficiency.

• Check the roof cavity for insulation levels. A bit of added insulation here can keep the home cooler in the summer and prevent heat loss in the cooler months.

• How well do the windows and doors work to prevent thermal exchange? Today’s windows are amazingly effective at not only keeping a house more comfortable, but also can help to safeguard furnishings and flooring from UV light and the damage it can inflict. Doors are no longer just slabs of wood on hinges. Doors on the market today are attractive and can be an added security feature that could save money on home and contents insurance.

• If your roof is not in tip-top shape, ask your professional property styling Sutherland Shire expert whether or not you should replace it. New roofing gives buyers a solid sense of security. Because they are assured that this big expense won’t surprise them any time soon, buyers will pay extra for a home with a new roof. Roofing is one repair that can totally pay for itself when the beans are counted at the end of the sale.

• If you are planning to replace appliances in the kitchen or elsewhere, consider buying top-of-the line, energy efficient models. From air-conditioning units to tank-less water heating units, technology has dramatically improved the savings potential of these inclusions. These improvements can make your home much more attractive to both buying segments.

• Toilets have even been re-invented. You might be stunned at the options available. Some new toilets offer dual-flush technology that can save countless litres of water, all of which appeals to those who want to save money and save the planet while they’re about it.

Have a discussion with your home stylist concerning the variety of ways you can make your home more energy efficient. If you can create a smaller carbon footprint for your house and, at the same time, assure potential buyers that the ‘big, expensive repairs’ are complete, you give buyers the critical security they need to bid higher. Long term savings coupled with a beautifully styled home create a sure recipe for gaining the maximum sales price possible. If you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to help you with magnificent property styling Sutherland Shire. Call Urban Chic Property Styling and arrange a consultation today.

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