As Sydneysiders shift into the suburbs, many choose to move south, making St George and Sutherland Shire popular in the real estate marketplace. For those who want to avoid the crush of downtown Sydney and, perhaps, spread out a bit in a home with a backyard or in a larger apartment, there are lots of options. If you are among those who are preparing to sell their St George home, it’s an exciting time when, with some strategic property styling St George, your home can sell for more than ever before.

Preparing to list your property for sale in the suburbs of Sydney requires a bit of extra planning however. When you recognise that the outlying areas are hot, hot, hot you will also realise that competing in this market makes it necessary to beef up your amenities to the fullest. Making your place stand out among the many homes for sale will mean employing some strategy above and beyond fresh paint and pretty artwork on the walls. It will call for inside information.

Enter the home staging professional. Those who earn their bread and butter making ordinary homes into extraordinary ones do so by virtue of their tireless gathering of information about today’s buyer. When the average price of a home is upwards of a million dollars, there is a good deal to be said for surgical selling.

Knowing who is likely to be buying your home is the easy part. By looking at the value of your home and its location it is fairly easy to narrow down the field of potential buyers. By taking into account the number of bedrooms, it’s not difficult to pinpoint how many people will live in the home. What is more difficult is knowing how the potential buyer may feel about the colours you’ve chosen and the finishes that your kitchen appliances have. This information is discovered by rigorous mining of preferences.

Through surveys and focus groups, the home staging industry works to uncover the way prospective buyers feel about things. Long before you have arranged for property styling St George, your home stager could already tell you where your buyer might like to holiday next year. This kind of in-depth information makes it easier to dress a home that connects with buyers.

The scientific data available today tells us that while financial status plays a part in the choosing of a house, the big decision is generally made from an emotional perspective. It’s startling to realise that 90 percent of home buying decisions are made on the basis of emotion. Logic plays a very small part in the choice of a home or apartment.

Buyers invest in homes they simply cannot resist. When they fall in love with a property, they will have it even if they must pay far more than they planned to spend. The key to getting a bigger profit from your real estate investment, then, is knowing precisely how to capture your buyer’s heart. (It also helps if your home is fully functional. This makes the buyer feel secure.)

For decades, giant marketing firms have used the emotions of average people to sell toothpaste, sneakers, and automobiles. They study their buyers using the same tools that home styling professionals use to learn whether carpeting or tiling evokes a stronger emotion in buyers.

As you read this, studies are ongoing that will reveal the intimate information you and your home stager will use to choose the colour for the bathroom. The colour will be the one your buyer feels most passionate about. In study groups, buyers are discussing the way they feel about diving the Great Barrier Reef and how those feelings can be translated into furniture choices. It may sound far-fetched, but it’s been working for years to sweeten real estate deals across Australia.

Bringing the science of such studies into the world of real estate works to make your biggest investment – your home – sell for more money. By tapping into the reservoir of information compiled by the home styling industry, you can make your property styling St George absolutely effective. With real estate prices still on the rise in the Greater Sydney area, it makes good business sense to seize the opportunity to make research pay off for you.

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