Scientists have recently confirmed that big buying decisions – like real estate purchases – are made in that section of the human brain where emotion lives. If you can capture the emotion of your buyer, you’re in the home stretch. That’s where home staging comes in. Those of us in the home staging business work hard at property presentation. Sydney buyers, like most others, ache for a property that sings to their souls. They want to feel safe and secure, so we help them do that.

The need for safety and security goes far beyond doors that lock and good exterior lighting. Security is one of those primal needs. It reaches into the memory banks of the buyer. When we reach into the basket of emotions human beings have, we have tapped into the most basic and irresistible.

The power of suggestion is critical. For example, people who have never actually had a vegetable garden in their lives may yearn for the “security” they remember from childhood when mother grew her own veggies. Men can be “emotionally hooked” when they see a shop or garage that suggests woodworking ‘just like Dad used to do’. If you can summon up the sense of security that goes beyond a window sticker that advertises a home alarm service, you’re on the right track.

These examples also touch on other basic emotional needs. Our need to love and be loved as well as our need to see ourselves as productive and successful are terribly important building blocks. Caring for our families meets the self-actualisation requirement that drives us to go to work every day. A new house usually signals a step up, so most of your prospective buyers are ready to enjoy the other emotions associated with buying a house.

A woman who feels frustrated by what she thinks is a failure to keep her family organised is apt to fall in love with built-ins that sport cubbies, shelves, and other organisational essentials. She may get giddy over a play room with shelves for toys and books. Even though she’s not yet been successful at convincing her young children that putting their toys away at the end of the day is critical, the shelves renew her hope.

A man who wants to do better at handling the family finances may be sold on a house because of its home office. (Never mind that it doubles as a guest room – this is his “I am a man who keeps the wolves from the family door” room.)

Just as when we shop for a car or a new boat, we want a house to ‘look good on us’. When we mentally try on an upscale home in an excellent neighbourhood, we want it to look like we’ve made it to the big time, or at least are moving closer.

These are just some of the reasons that engaging a home staging company is probably the first bit of advice your selling agent will offer you. People who work in the home styling industry spend lots of time and money learning the psychology of the different groups of buyers who are likely to someday own your house. This intimate knowledge triggers big sales fast.

The home that’s been given the full property presentation Sydney treatment is likely to sell for a higher price than other, non-styled properties. It will also sell much, much faster. Data from the International Association of Home Staging Professionals tells us that if your home has been styled by a pro, it will sell in a matter of days, rather than the many weeks, even months, it takes to sell an unstaged house.

Appealing to the emotions of prospective buyers is probably what we do best. Why? Because it is those emotions that trigger big sales and happy clients. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have been doing this work in the Greater Sydney area for decades. Not only do we relish the many daily challenges that come along with dressing houses for successful sales, we find security in our work as well. Everybody leaves happy when we handle the staging of a home.

When it comes to property presentation Sydney, home sellers and buyers have been thrilled with our service for a very long time. You owe it to yourself to speak to us first – you’ll be glad you did.

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