Of all the rooms in your home where you can let your inner designer run free – or nearly so – the bathroom is that place. This is especially so if you are preparing your home for sale. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Even though your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, stylists tell us that just a few inexpensive tricks can make it look larger and more chic. When it comes to Sydney home staging, transforming your bathroom is worth a bit of extra time and money.

Rethink Colour
Even if your bathroom is small, colour can be used to make it look larger. Consider using the latest go-to bathroom shade – gray. Gray – or its warmer cousin greige – complements the metallic fixtures and completes the water vibe your bathroom probably exudes. Gray is soothing and easy to decorate around.

There is no reason on earth that you cannot add vibrant colours if you want. Even in smallish rooms, it’s possible to get away with very bold colours in small bits, or even with an entire wall. Speak with your Sydney home staging experts about how you can make your bathroom capture the attention of prospective buyers from the moment they lay eyes on it.

About the Windows
Of course privacy in the bath is critical. That doesn’t mean you must hang curtains or blinds. Today there is a limitless variety of window films that are easy to apply. These films can give you the look of brilliant stained glass, or a simple texture that lets in the light, but makes objects inside simply a blur. Adding a translucent film to your windows will automatically add more light and light can make a cardboard box look larger.

A second option for a bathroom with little or no natural light is to install a skylight. If your bath is situated within your house in such a way as to prevent you from grabbing a bit of sky, consider adding one of the increasingly popular sun-tunnels. This new innovation brings natural light inside by way of a tube. The tube, or sun tunnel, is installed on the roof and brought to your bathroom through the ceiling. Even though the tube might have to snake around through walls and ceilings above, the light arrives in beautiful brilliancy. Thanks to the tube’s genius design, your bathroom will celebrate a whole new feeling of outdoors.

Lighting Fixtures
While you’re about the business of bringing in light, don’t forget to take a long critical look at the artificial lighting sources. A magnificent bathroom almost always becomes even more beautiful with the addition of elegant lighting. If your bathroom is large enough, consider a chandelier. (That will make prospective buyers sit up and take notice.) Don’t be content with the standard builder’s lighting bar above the mirror. Consider sconces. Take a trip to the lighting store and get a few ideas. There is no law that says you can’t live a little when it comes to dramatic bathroom lighting.

No bathroom is complete without a mirror or two. Before you settle on your final redecorating plan, rethink the placement of yours. Remember that reflective surfaces of all kinds make any room appear larger. Beware though. Feng shui experts become a bit nervous when you start bouncing the room’s Chi, or energy, around the room via mirrors. Again, your home stager will have the best plan for where and how to use reflective elements to make your bathroom grow.

The rooms in your house can be manipulated by design elements almost as effectively as they can through expensive renovating projects. The secret is having an exceptional design expert on your sales team. This is particularly true in and around Sydney. Home staging here is more demanding than it is in other regions. Because housing prices here are so high, prospective buyers expect lots of candy for their coinage. In other words, if you want to sell your home for top dollar, you’ve got to take a few extra steps toward making your place spectacular. A gifted home staging professional can help you do just that. If it’s time to sell your house, call Urban Chic Property Styling today.

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